Pavlovian Training For Shot Putters & Discus Throwers

Hello Nation, In the coming weeks we will be talking about the Arete Throws Nation approach to weight training and throws training in the off-season. One such concept is the idea of training a conditioned response. Like Pavlov’s Dog. As coaches and throwers we want to make sure we don’t lose sight of the goal…

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5 Elements of a Winning Off-Season Throws Program

Hey, shot putters, discus throwers and throws coaches- Now that the summer has passed, track season is over, and we have gotten past what I refer to as the ‘Summer Throws Camp Season’, do you know what you should be doing now? You should be engaged in your Off Season Shot Put and Discus Program…

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Shot Put Technique (Spin) – Matt Katnik 71′ 3 1/2″ – High School Shot Put

It’s been the goal since the end of last year…. Join the elite 70+ foot club. Here it is. 71’3 1/2″. Arete Throws Nation ace Matthew Katnik… we are not done yet! Check out the Throws. John Katnik ( Matt’s dad) operated my camera, I’m jumping up and down like a crazy man!! What a…

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Olympic Lifting For The Throws

One of the key elements of the Arete Throws Nation strength training program for the throws are the Olympic Lifts. I can’t say enough about Olympic Lifts; they are just fantastic lifts! They develop coordination (hell, they require coordination), they stimulate hormone production for building muscle mass, they train the nervous system to be responsive, they…

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