"To be a successful coach, or a champion thrower, it's never about luck. It's endless hours of hard work, perseverance, and a passion for the sport."

•Coach Erik Johnson

Founder and Head Coach Arete Throws Nation /Creator of the Throwing Chain Reaction System™

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shot put and discus strength training and program design online course
throws camp oct 2016 orange county california
shot put discus throws camp nov 2106 phoenix az


shot put discus throws camp nov 2106 orange county ca
shot put discus throws camp dec 2106 phoenix az
shot put discus throws camp dec 2106 orange county ca


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Where you can get real time access to me and see the behind the scenes grind of a throws coach and his athletes...killer stuff!

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Discuss the latest topics in the world of throws with me and the Arete Nation of coaches and throwers- camp info too! 

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Watch great shot put and discus throws coaching videos with coaching tips, key drills, and past events... lots more to come here !

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Selfies, inspirational quotes, and pics of Arete Throws Nation camps, sessions and coaching insight

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Coaching tips, insights into the world of a throws coach, and more! 

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4 Day Online Course- Strength Training & Program Design For Throwers: Begins Sept 6th/ 6PM (PST)

Searching Through 100s of Throws videos on YouTube Not Working For You?

Discover the Throwing Chain Reaction System™ and start producing consistent BIG THROWS.

Arete Throws Nation understands the many challenges throws coaches and throwers face developing the necessary skills to throw farther and more consistently.  That's why, no matter where you live in the country, or around the world, you can get access to the same throws training program and weight lifting programs that Coach Erik Johnson has used to produce over 100 championship winning throwers- time and time again!


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