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Arete Throws Nation is the #1 resource for all Shot Put & Discus coaches, and throwers...

who are interested in learning as much as they can about how to apply proper technique, what drills are most effective, and what weight lifting programs best translate to the explosive power of the throw.

At ATN we provide several different types of throws coaching services to best support:

  1. The Throws Coach: We will always work to support another school's throws coach's program:  open communication ensures that any thrower is not over training, or engaged in any training that would be counter productive to excelling in the complex sport of the throw.  We always welcome any throws coach to call or schedule a time to come down to ATN and see our throws program.  It's about creating a community of like minded coaches whose goals are all about the young athlete to achieve their goals and become a champion/ get into that University program! 
  2. The Athlete: A thrower's busy student/athlete schedule is usually very full; juggling academics, weight room time, practice time - in the ring and doing drills, recovery protocols, nutritional needs, and down time.  Train hard, but train smart!
  3. The Parent: Investing your time and money into your young athlete can be tough financially and mentally, and if you have more than one athlete in the home... well, as a father of 3 kids, let's just say I get it!  We offer multi- athlete rates and coaching transparency so your trust in our program remains strong!  We will always keep you in the loop on your athlete's progress, any concerns, and offer guidance once your athlete becomes a senior and an athletic collegiate career is on the horizon!
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Online Throws Coaching System:  If you don't live in the area, or want EVEN MORE killer throws coaching, ATN offer an online throws coaching system.  

All members of the online throws coaching system get full access to a large library of throws coaching video tutorials, breaking down all positions and techniques - THE THROWING CHAIN REACTION system. 

The members area is broken down into sections: DISCUS DOMINATION, SHOT PUT SUPREMACY, GOLIATH GLIDE, THROWS LAB, Weight lifting and nutrition will be added during the beginning of 2016 track season. 

" You can only lift so much, get so strong....  therefore, you much master the complexity behind the technique of the shot put (glide or spin) and the discus throw; without it, you will only go so far"- Coach Johnson

founder of arete throws nation coach erik johnson
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Coach Johnson winning Bronze @ Masters in 2011

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Coach Art Varnagas and Coach Johnson

Coach Tony Ciarelli and Coach Johnson

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Meet Coach Erik Johnson

I’m coach Erik Johnson, and chances are I was more like you in high school than you know.

I was a skinny, 173 foot high school discus thrower, with little coaching, and no knowledge of weight training. However, with a lot of hard work, persistence, and a strong desire to prove I could reach my goal of  reaching the Olympics, I went from a skinny high school thrower, to a NCAA All-American and Olympic trails finalist.

I was raised in Phoenix Arizona, and began my love of track at the age of 12 yrs old.  My father drove me all over the country in a "totally 80's" van; mattresses in the back and coolers strapped to the roof.  I was a successful young thrower and that fed my hunger to continue on throwing in high school.  

By my senior year of high school,  I was considered still undersized, and my marks were not impressive enough to get recruited to a D1 school, so I went to a Junior college track power house-  Mt. SAC in Southern California. To make a long story short, I grew taller, learned some weight training, gained muscle and strength, and got recruited by several Division I schools.  I chose to go to UCLA (which at the time was a throws dynasty) and was coached by Art Venagas- legendary!

Throwing for UCLA was unreal, and I’ll never forget the day I went on my recruiting trip.

At UCLA I finally learned about weight training for throwers, Olympic lifting, sports medicine, and of course throwing. I transferred to the University of Colorado for my final year of eligibility, and became an NCAA- All American, then a multi-time US championships competitor and Olympic trials finalist in 1996.  I still throw today and in 2011 I was the World Masters Bronze medalist in my age group... the old guy still has it!

College was a unique experience. I went to school with future world champions, like John Godina, and once I ranked top 10 in the US, I became friends with many of the best throwers in the world; many of whom are top NCAA coaches today!

I got to train with Olympic champions, and legends, and my path lead me to become great friends with Tony Ciarelli, Olympic coach and a coach at Newport Harbor in Newport Beach Ca.  Each year, Tony and I run a huge throws clinic that I have been the director of since 1997: The  Tony Ciarelli Olympian Throw clinic since 1997.

Let me tell you, if I had the opportunity to go back in time and bring with me all the experience and knowledge that I have put into this site and in the Throwing Chain Reaction system, it would have fast tracked my career!

I've spent nearly 3 years to condense my 20+ years of throws experience, tens of thousands of hours training, throwing, studying, developing, testing and optimizing the most complete, proven and easy-to-use throws coaching system for generating consistent and measurable results in shot put and discus throws.

... and now I'm ready to share it! I hope you are ready to take your throws program, or your throwing results to the next level...

... and beyond!

I wish you much success in your pursuit of ARETE-

Coach Johnson

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