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Proceed With Caution!

Busy is an understatement! With meets for my HS crew, Pro’s opening up, a last minute addition of Arcadia Invite for my top 2 AZ shot putters, and a growing online group; it’s hectic and awesome … … and Mrs Arete is busy behind the scenes helping our members, and keeping our 3 monkeys inline;…

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QUICK TIP FRIDAY [video]: Rotational Shot Put- Power Position

Happy Friday! …  Since it’s spring break all over the US and for the majority of my throwers here in AZ,  I get a lot of requests from March to Mid April for additional private coaching… … so before I head out for 6+ hours of private coaching, I wanted to be sure to give…

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TCR™ Quick Tip: Rhythm [VIDEO]

Rhythm is critical to throwing. In the 6 pillars of the TCR™ SYSTEM, we not only work the right positions, but the positions are optimal with the correct rhythm. Therefore, I don’t personally do a lot of static start drills, or throws as a coach. They have a place, but you don’t work the right…

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[COMP TIP] Compete Like A Beast

Tonight we have the second module of our live Pillar Connection course, covering rotational shot put, which is free for all TCR™ online members. We will be adding live courses thought out the year as a benefit for our members across the globe. Today, I wanted to get you a quick strategy tip for competition.…

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