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Free 6-Part Shot Put/ Discus Throws Video

An introduction to the THROWING CHAIN REACTION SYSTEM, this 6-part video series offers a sneak peek into the technical throws mechanics of the shot put and the discus. For access into this valuable 6 video pack—-CLICK HERE! Want more info on Throwing Chain Reaction System? In Person Training For Coaches and Throwers: Arete Throws Nation Coaching…

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Shot Put Delivery

Year-Round Shot-Putter And Discus-Thrower

Fall Training tips for the the shot put and discus throw One of the key things Arete Throws Nation focuses on when an athlete is going to focus exclusively on being a shot-putter, discus-thrower, and you’re training for the shot and the disc, is to understand what you’re supposed to do at what time of…

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