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10 Necessities + 5 Intangibles = A Lot Of Combinations

I want to quickly welcome all the new coaches that joined over the last 72 hours. Please be sure to join our FB group. You should have received an email by now inviting you to join.. … and if you are not on Facebook, JOIN! …. Don’t fear 2017 technology- Lol Social media is becoming…

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Comp Time: Preparing To Throw Far

So, today I want to welcome all the new members that have taken advantage of our “Beginning of the Season” Offer we have going on right now < see below> and joined this past weekend… …. And one special member in particular- Reece Hoffa! Not another guy named Reece Hoffa… The Reece Hoffa, the Legend…

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Quick Tip Friday: Glide Shot Put Technique- Set it up right

  When new throwers begin, I’m a firm believer they should learn to glide. Throwing, as a rule, is totally unnatural, therefore, I think it’s very beneficial to teach the glide.. and of course to teach it right. The key?! Learn the TCR™ system of course. Lol. But truthfully, the key is setting up an…

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Don’t Teach Throwers This

Wide Sweep or Narrow?… There is only one correct answer. It’s Friday and I will be reviewing film all day today for our online members of coaches and throwers. (If you’re a member, I will have notes for your various throws video submissions later today in our private Face Book group.) Reviewing all these throwing…

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