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How Does ATN Consistently Produce Shot Put and Discus Champions?

What’s up Arete Nation. Mrs Arete and I were sitting in our backyard discussing the Throwing Chain Reaction system and how this year’s throws season is going. Without me knowing, Mrs Arete reached over and starting recording me. I started talking about how the Throwing Chain Reaction is truly a solid system that sole purpose…

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pre-comp nutrition for shot putters and discus throwers

Shot Put and Discus Nutrition: Pre Comp Nutrition

Want to crush it at a big meet, or at a championship comp?  Well, don’t overlook the power of how you fuel up your body  the day, the hour, and even the minute before you step into the ring. Nutrition plays such an important role in an athlete’s life, that it can make or brake…

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what it takes to be a champion shot putter and discus thrower

Shot Put and Discus Success: You Absolutely Must Do The WORK To Be A Champion

Here is my throws coach’s rant at 30,000ft on what it takes to be a champion shot putter and discus thrower! We are now at the end of the season and it is “GO” time. This is when all your hard ass work needs to come together and you gotta perform and deliver BIG throws!…

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shot put and discus competition

Mental Preparation Before A BIG Meet: Keep Your Head In The Ring

As we approach the end of the track season, many throwers and throws coaches start to feel the pressure to perform with HUGE personal bests! I mean, this is what all that hard work in the gym and in the ring comes down to, right? You got 2 seconds to hit it, or go home!…

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