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Wall Throws: The “Bread and Butter” of Throwing

ATN coaches & throwers- from our online members from around the world to the throwers we coach here in AZ and So Cal, are gearing up for the outdoor season openers. We are now getting ready for our first meets and shifting focus. That said, yesterday I began my day with wall throws and the…

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glide shot delivery and block technique

Glide Shot: The Delivery and The Block [throws coaching video]

Yesterday was Martin Luther King day! Being a history buff, I think Dr. King was an incredible individual. He was a grinder. A battler. He fought for things, that today, we likely can’t really fathom. So, I hope you set aside a moment to pay your respect to Martin Luther King Jr, a true American warrior,…

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shot put and discus coaching tips


Well the week flew by and training has been busy. There’s a natural shift happening for throws coach about this time of year, and for many coaches and throwers in the Midwest and back East, the indoor season has already begun. You can start to sense that the big adjustments and technical understandings need to be…

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strength imbalances and throwing the shot put and discus

When The structure Is Imbalanced… Its gonna be tough!

Well its Thursday. After last week’s trip to Utah, I got one day of rest, then it was back to work on Monday… Did you watch the National Championship football game? … Wow! What a game!  If you are a Clemson fan, you have to be pumped, and if you like college football, that was a…

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