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QUICK TIP FRIDAY: Lengthen Your Levers

Day 3 in SNOWY Utah! I’m surrounded by snow…. it brings me back to my training days at the UC Boulder and throwing my discus into the snow- a game of throw and go seek (for your info… a discus hits and slides in the snow, lol) Long arms in the discus is critical for…

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set up shot put and discus throw

What You Set Up Is What You Get!

After a full 7 hours of travel and an evening coaching session in Hurricane Utah yesterday, I’m finishing up with a quick blog to the A-Nation.  Tonight was the second day in a row doing a private throws coaching session and as we approach the season, I’m always more concerned with the fluid-ness of the full…

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💥🎄💥QUICK TIP FRIDAY💥🎄💥 In the Glide there are many important details to achieve a dynamic power position. Gliders need to understand how to align the center of mass in throw. Especially in he STAND throw. . Be sure to COIL, the term we use for the upper rounded shoulders, which is positioning the shot put…

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The Throw Show : Episode 01

I have had a aspirations of launching a YouTube show for quite some time, so I am starting off small. But happy to announce Episode 1 of “The THROW Show” 5 years vs 1 day… Getting to the Full Throw in the Discus. The Host is incredibly handsome and charming. I’m hope you enjoy. The…

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