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throwing mechanics and distance

Mindset Monday: Focus on Throwing Mechanics and the Distance Will Follow

Whenever I do a throws camp,  I strive to teach the Process and the System of throwing to become a better athlete or throws coach…. We keep the groups smaller, so we can get in a ton of reps and throws. The biggest take away is understanding that throwers and coaches need to train in a…

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strength training programs for shot put and discus throwers

Quick Tip Friday: Don’t Forget Why You Lift [VIDEO]

Lifting is designed to make you a better thrower…. … and assistance lifts need to be part of that plan. Be sure to add plenty of rotational core movements and unilateral lifts (single leg work) as you have 2 single support phases in the throw. But the key is to do it right. Lifting has…

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strength training for shot put and discus

Strength Training For Shot Putters and Discus Throwers: When Less Is More

Throwing far when it matters most isn’t about luck, it’s about great programming and training so throwers learn how to peak multiple times. Many coaches and throwers work hard…. really hard! … but so many spend a ton of time getting strong as hell, and throwing all the time, but the overall plan doesn’t allow…

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Quick tip Friday: Improving Shot Put & Discus Torque with this simple lift

💥💥💥QUICK TIP FRIDAY💥💥💥 The importance of the little lifts in a strength training program for throwers are significant. Below is a basic bent over Dumbbell row. Basics movements need to be done correctly. The Thrower on the left is doing it incorrect. The coach on the right is loaded on the legs correctly, and can now…

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