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Quick Tip Friday: Modified Wheel Drill Adjustments

Sometimes the best adjustments are simple. Focus on the proper set up for better and faster results. Check out this Quick Tip for adjusting your Pillar 3, 4, 5, 6 using the modified wheel.

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Shot Put Stand Throw Analysis Video HS freshman

Here is a quick analysis for one of our online members Rob Ralph ( Coach) Brant ( son/thrower) So i thought i’d kill two birds with one stone and provide a little feed back for them and post it up on Youtube for you guys to take a peak at. So happy Wednesday. If you…

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QUICK TIP FRIDAY-Spin Shot Put: Shot Put Tip (rotational)

💥💥💥QUICK TIP FRIDAY💥💥💥 Attack, Attack Attack.. In the rotational Shot Put you must drive hard and fast into the middle of the ring. If you don’t attack and sprint you lose a lot of distance. Understanding the details of how to angle the center of mass into a real sprint angle is critical for big…

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How To Structure An Effective Throws Program: Get Results!

  As we approach the 2016 track season, Arete Throws Nation started its Pre-season TCR Throws camp series. If you are a shot putter or Discus thrower, the 10-12 weeks before the first meet is a critical time to get to make some big improvement technically, both in the ring and in the weight room.…

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