Championship Season Tips: Stay Continuous [VIDEO]


NEVER pause… don’t hesitate….

… if the throw slows down, slightly pauses, or there is a hesitation of any kind, the throw will be short.

Younger throwers tend to “bunch up” in the middle of a throw. This causes a deceleration in the transfer of energy and the throw is over before it leaves the athlete’s hand.

The throwers who throw big, keep moving in a continuous motion with speed and power.

If you see that there is a pause, or a slight hesitation in the throw, how do you make an adjustment this far into the season?

(Below I have a video explaining just how to do this)

the key this time of the year is making small adjustments that work.

It’s a very delicate balance….

…. knowing when to make finite adjustments this close to the Championship meets takes a solid understanding of how the Throwing Chain Reaction works and where in the chain to adjust.

With only 5 days before the Az state meet, I too had to make adjustments to one of my throwers.

In fact, I analyzed all my throwers, made slight adjustments and the results were very good; multiple PR’s and victories!

So when you are making final adjustments, its always about the TCR™system.

Take a look at the throw through the lens of the TCR™ system, then decide what are the one or two simple adjustments that create the best Throwing Chain Reaction™ for the throw.

For example, chose 1 tweak that fixes 2-3 other things because you change the position to react to, or make 2 tweaks, and you fix 4-6 things.

That’s the science.

You can try a few things that may ,or may not click, and if they don’t click right away, you have to revert back to what has been working.

Remember, it adjustments, not changes!

In this video, I talk simply about never allowing any hesitation in the ring. Keep it moving.

If you hesitate, that can often be the sign of something more significant technically, and usually having to do with Pillar 1 in your TCR™.

Pillar 1is where the magic starts!

In general, once the thrower starts, there can be no stopping….nothing can stop until the implement is out of your hand.

Check out the video.

Keep moving!