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Who's Coach Johnson?

Coach Erik Johnson is the founder/ head coach of Arete Throws Nation and the architect of the Throwing Chain Reaction™ system.  He has been throwing since he was 12 yrs old, and has an obsession for all things technical about the shot put and the discus.  Why? Because it was mastering the technique of the discus that took him all the way to the finals of the Olympic trails in '96.

Coach Johnson's journey has given him great experiences working with some of the nation's top strength coaches, and talented throwers in the world.

Coach Johnson, has condensed over 20 yrs of experience, thousands of hours of studying & research on technique and weight lifting, and has coached hundreds of athletes creating the THROWING CHAIN REACTION™ system.  The TCR™ is what makes all of the ATN throws camps & clinics so impactful to all throws coaches and throwers who attend, or who train at one of the ATN training centers (Ca & Az).

Coach Erik Johnson"You must be a student of the throw, work every day on your technique, love the grind in the weight room, and most importantly, BELIEVE in yourself to truly reach your goals."- Coach Johnson


Learn The Simple Elements Of The Discus Throw Technique For Big Results

  • Learn the Most Common Mistake At The Finish Of A Throw

    Want a more powerful block?  How about more consistency with big throws?  Then you best be at this camp and learn what is the most common technical error when it comes to the finish of a throw…. it could be something you are doing right now! 

  • Throws Coaches: Our Camps Are An Awesome Support For Your Team

    When ATN and a throws coach teams up, great things happen.  For every ATN athlete who has gone to a state championship meet, there was a smart high school throws coach who embraced the Throwing Chain Reaction system, applied it, and saw huge results! The TCR system is a strong throws system that has greatly assisted many throws programs to become more structured, easier to coach, and produced champions: 4 Ca State Champions in 3 short years, and counting.

  • Get 20+ Years Of Elite Level Throws Coaching In 5 Hours!

    The Arete Throws Nation discus camps are known to be info packed!  Some have even said  “Mind Blowing” with tons of technical insight, very detailed, step-by-step coaching lessons into the complexity of the throw.  This level of throws coaching is usually offered to an Olympic level athlete… but now it is available to you!

Limited To 8 Athletes: 

small camps ensure one-on-one coaching on technique and lots of time in the ring!

Shot Put/ Discus CampFEB 6, 2016 (Phoenix, Az)

$125 per athlete

group discounts available, call 949-542-5100

Camp Location: North Canyon High School 

1700 E Union Hills Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85024