tcr throw pro 6


This 6 video compilation on throws mechanics is an introduction to the Throwing Chain Reaction System.  TCR Throw Pro 6 is packed with technical detail on each position of rotational shot put & discus.  Learn how to create a throws training structure that builds a strong technical foundation for powerful shot put and discus throws...don't leave your personal best out of the sector!

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Here's What's In TCR Throw Pro 6

  • Video 1: Pillar 1-The Throwing Chain Reaction... This Accounts For 90% of Your Success In The Ring!
  • Video 2: Pillar 2-Learn What all Champion Throwers Have in Common and Start Working On it Now!
  • Video 3: Pillar 3-Discover The 2 Keys To Generating Dynamic Speed Across The Circle.
  • Video 4: Pillar 4-How to Increase Speed & Power In The Middle of the Ring.
  • Video 5: Pillar 5-3 Elements Of Setting Up A Sweet Power Position.
  • Video 6: Pillar 6-The Biomechanics of A Massive Pull- How To Really Deliver The Implement For Big Distances!

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