Proceed With Caution!

Busy is an understatement!

With meets for my HS crew, Pro’s opening up, a last minute addition of Arcadia Invite for my top 2 AZ shot putters, and a growing online group; it’s hectic and awesome …

… and Mrs Arete is busy behind the scenes helping our members, and keeping our 3 monkeys inline; she runs a tight ship!

Each week, for the last 5 weeks, I have had people fly in from all over the US to train here in Arizona for one simple reason…

I have a good track record of making detailed changes that results in immediate improvement.

I use the TCR™ system, of course, and it works over and over repeatedly.

The TCR™ system allows me to pinpoint issues quickly, and that’s what we are trying to our online members of coaches and throwers.

When people fly 2000 or 3000 miles across the country to train- I gotta produce!

When I first assess a new thrower, I want to be sure to maintain what is good and working, and change what is negatively affecting their TCR™.

Now, when people come to train, I usually have 3-6 concentrated private training sessions; we call them private camps.

It does make things a bit easier than in a group setting, but I’m working on a shorter deadline, so the pressure to make big strides is always there.

It’s under this pressure when the TCR™ system really shows its strength:

  • communicating technique is simplified through the pillars
  • this simplification makes comprehending complex technique easier for the thrower (and any coach/ parent coach who is also attending)
  • a plan of how to address the new thrower is structured and easily followed
  • The 6 pillars identify quickly where the thrower is strong and where they are weaker

But with any thrower, I always error on the side of caution…

… and I suggest to ALL throwers and coaches, to also proceed with caution!

The slightest thing can either enhance the TCR™, or set it back.

The goal is to never let ego get in the way and instead, do what makes the thrower confident and successful.

Today, Jada Caldwell and ATN member Coach Elvin, will complete their third day of training.

I can always tell when a kid is either receptive, confused, or excited, or when they think I’m telling them some BS – LOL

… and yesterday, key things were glaringly obvious.

My first step was to get into her head and see what she thought the throw is.

Here’s a simple and powerful exercise to have your thrower complete.

Ask them “Explain the throw to me. What are you supposed to do? Meaning, teach me how to throw”.

This is going to provide you with A LOT of invaluable info.

They will tell you what they understand about the throw, and that is a great place to start being able to help them, because if their concept is pattern X, and you are explaining pattern Y, they will try to do pattern Y using the X pattern….

…. and that is No Bueno.

That won’t work and why a simple change can undo a lot of good stuff.

However, when you take the time to see where the thrower is in their head on the throw…..

… it is easier to get them to understand and learn the right pattern, the changes you do will enhance what they do well, and relax and open their minds to address what needs to change….

… all resulting in making faster changes.

Changes are delicate. Timing of those changes is critical too.

A tiny thing can yield incredible results, and send a thrower quickly into a tail spin.

Last year with Jason Harrell, he was off for the first half of his season…

… things were just not clicking.

What was obvious about his throw was his finish (pillar 6) was weak (especially for a 62m discus thrower), and his sprint to the middle (P3 to P4) was not dynamic.

If you’ve been studying the TCR™system, you would know that it’s all about the efficiency of Pillar 1, the TCR™ Trigger.

I believe 200% in the TCR™system!

I had him make such a small change in his Pillar 1, and he went on a 4 week roll, PR’d and got 4th at the Olympic Trials. (which had it not been raining, he would have pr’d big!)

I can say honestly, that most coaches would have never believed that what I changed would have mattered that much, but the Throwing Chain Reaction™ doesn’t lie…

… and that small change, set up a much more dynamic result and Jason was banging big throws and missed the podium by just 7”.

The moral of today’s tip is: Proceed with Caution.

Get the thrower to realize that small changes can yield big results, quickly. That keeps them focused and confident.

But coaches need realize that the slightest little change can mess up a lot of good stuff too.

And when you are met with resistance, typically it’s the thrower’s intuitive sense that what you are doing is messing things up…

…. so always keep the TCR™ in mind, find out where they are, and don’t make changes that can affect them in a big meet.

That is why, if you following a system, especially the Throwing Chain Reaction™ System, that is based in science, not opinion; it’s easier to apply changes-

Changes Become Calculated!

You’re not trying something blindly; you are trying something new to set up a better Throwing Chain Reaction™.

Make sure your thrower is on the right page and make sure you enhance their TCR™

Tomorrow and Friday I will have some new video tips up on YouTube.

So until then, watch those changes!

– Coach Johnson