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Learn How To Remove Limitations • Fast Track Results •  Get The Right Type of Strength Gains

Learn How To Create A Strength Training Program That Has Produced over 81 Championship Titles

The ATN Online Strength Training & Program Design Course

MODULE #1 ($57 value)

Introduction & The 7 Pillars Of Strength

  • Overview of the GPR™ (Gross Posture Rebalancing) and AIM™ (Arete Integrated Mobility)
  • Learn how to accelerate recovery and prevent common injuries
  • Discover how to establish a training percentage for each individual thrower based on their technical capability, strength levels, and conditioning levels
  • Fundamental rules of ATN's strength program
  • Discover the most over looked postural issues and how they set up limitations in the ring

MODULE #2 ($57 value)

Block Periodization ...The Key To A Kick-a$$ Strength Program

  • Learn how to have your athlete peak in windows throughout the season, and at the major meets!
  • Understand the principles of block periodization
  • Learn how to use training blocks in an easy to understand format for optimal outcomes in and out of the weight room
  • Discover how training blocks allow for specific outcomes off-season, preseason, in season, and post season

MODULE #3 ($57 value)

Program Design (part 1) ...the annual training cycle for big throws

Identify the organic variables of the thrower

How to structure a program to have a thrower PR at the right time

Learn how to make adjustments at key moments in the program

How to manage multiple programs during the year

Receive a FREE template to guide you to design the most impactful strength program for real results 

Discover what lifts and exercises directly impact throwing results 


MODULE #4 ($57 value)

Program Design (part 2) ...the annual training cycle for big throws

Learn how to put ALL the key programming variables together for a championship winning program

Design your workout program: Follow along,step-by-step, using the FREE worksheet to better understand how to structure an effective block periodization program for throwers

Get a look inside the ATN strength program and see what lifts and exercises have taken average high school throwers to state champions and post collegiate throwers to Olympic trial finalists!


MODULE #5 ($57 value)

Gross Posture Re-Balancing (GPR) and Arete Integrated Mobility (AIM)

Learn why addressing the GPR™ of ANY athlete is crucial and if this process is skipped, your athlete will only go so far...leaving a lot of potential on the table

Discover how applying the AIM™ process is the key factor to get throwers stronger, with faster recovery and is a powerful tool to prevent unnecessary injuries


BONUS #1- FREE Lifting Program Template ($27 value)

You'll receive a printable lifting program template.  Use this template as you design a strength program using the lessons in this course.  This becomes a great tool to stay organize and track the progression of each individual athlete and assess the throws team as a whole.

BONUS #2- Unlimited Q&A w/ Coach Erik Johnson ($75 per hour value)

Get unlimited Q&A w/ Coach Erik Johnson through either email, or the private Facebook group.  Ask questions about how to structure an effective strength program using the resources you have available, lifting techniques, or submit a video in the Facebook group of lifting techniques for analysis... Consultation fees are usually $75 per hr, so this is a BIG BONUS!

BONUS #3- Power Point Slides of all Modules ($57 per hour value)

To save you time trying to find one specific slide, you will be provided with a link to download and print all the slides of each Module.

Use these printable slides to take notes while going through the course, use them as a valuable training tool for you and any assistant coaches.... it is yours to keep forever.

BONUS #4- How To Boost T-Levels eGuide ($27 value)

Receive a 10 point guide on how to boost and maintain testosterone levels- FREE! In today's world of fast food, processed meals, pollutants and toxins, it seems everything is messing up your T-levels.  This is not just for the guys.... hormone levels in women make a big difference in strength levels and performance consistency. This easy to follow guide will expose how it is simple shifts that make huge impacts in hormone levels, recovery times, and hey, even helps the plant... a bonus in a bonus! 

BONUS #5- Access Into The Private Facebook Group (priceless)

An outstanding community of throws coaches, parents who coach, and throwers, like yourself, who are serious about wanting to truly learn how to design a dominant lifting program for shot put and discus throwers.

Everyone in the group is dedicated to learning how to develop their athletes to reach their true potential.... those who have already used the strength training course have seen their athlete's strength level increase; passing lifting plateaus and exceeding their own expectations! 

Ok, like all good throws coaches....let's get down to the numbers.

There are a lot of strength training courses and materials floating around the internet, but do they focus on the specific needs and strength levels that are necessary to transfer directly into the complex techniques of shot put and discus? 

Do they identify the strength level deficits of the thrower that are contributing to the failure to throw far in the ring? 

Do you have a lifting program timed with the physical demands required in the season to perform strong to the very end and peek where it matters most? 

Most online strength programs are either too general and therefore don't address the special needs that you are looking for as a throws coach or thrower, or they lack in-depth knowledge about designing an elite level strength training for throwers.  

This course is a 5 separate digital Strength Training & Design DVD program.  Each one of these modules would easily sell for $87+

So, if sold separately, the REAL coast of this strength program (5 digital dvds x $57.00 each) can be conservatively listed as $285.00

...and I haven't even added the BONUSES yet!

  • The Lifting Program Template
  • Unlimited Q&A w/ Coach Erik Johnson
  • All the Power Point slides
  • The 10 Factors to Boost Testosterone Levels
  • Access into the Private Facebook Group



  • (MODULE #1) Introduction: 7 Pillars of Strength in the TCR™ System ($57 value)
  • (MODULE #2) Block Periodization ($57 value)
  • (MODULE #3) Program Design part 1 ($57 value)
  • (MODULE #4) Program Design part 2 ($57 value)
  • (MODULE #5)Gross Posture Re-Balancing & Arete Integrated Mobility ($57 value)
  • (Bonus #1) Lifting Program Template ($27)
  • (Bonus #2) Unlimited Q&A w/ Coach Erik Johnson ($75 per hr value)
  • (Bonus #3) Power Point Slides from all 5 modules PDF ($57 value)
  • (Bonus #4) 10 Factors to Boost Testosterone Levels eGuide ($27 value)
  • (Bonus #5) Access into the Private Facebook Group of Throws Coaches & Throwers (priceless)
lifting programs for shot put and discus

Since track and field coaches....especially throws not have big football program budgets, I would not ask you to spend those amounts.  A really sound lifting program is essential to any throws's not even an option. 

So you will get ALL of the above Modules and Bonuses for $471   $277   only $167.

lifting programs for shot put and discus

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