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Quick Tip Friday: Knees Apart

Is it Friday already? Man the week went by fast. Be sure to take a moment for our Veterans. My dad is Vietnam Vet and served in the early years before it got really bad. Mrs Arete’s Grandfather- who is 93 yrs young- was a Naval Officer during WW2 and sailed LST ships to the shores.   He has…

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Throwing Kiss of Death

Well the election is over, and perhaps it’s my age, or that I was hyper focused on the issues that are important to me, but I’m exhausted. A lot of people thrilled, while many others are frustrated at the results…. I zeroed in on the people who are frustrated because it is the #1 emotion…

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strength training programs for shot put and discus throwers

Strength Training Programs For Shot Put and Discus

To achieve success, as a throws coach, you need a carefully designed strength-training program that pairs seamlessly with an equally solid, technique focused, throws program.   You’ve heard me talk about technique before, so today, I’m going to talk about strength programs for shot put and discus throwers.   An Arete Nation secret weapon, that…

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rutger smith olympic shot put and discus

Brains vs Brawn? What Is Needed To Compete Like An Elite Thrower

Hello Arete Nation. When I am in California, I tend to stay at my buddy- Rutger Smith’s place while I run all over Orange County coaching shot put and discus, running camps, and over seeing our ATN headquarters in Laguna Niguel. Rutger Smith is a 3X world medalist, 3X Olympian…(soon to be 4X Olympian), and…

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