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Shot Put and Discus Fall/Winter Training: What You Should Be Doing Now

One of the key things Arete Throws Nation focuses on when an athlete is going to focus exclusively on being a shot-putter, or a discus-thrower, is to understand what you’re supposed to do at what time of year.   If you throw, throw, throw and constantly throw, there’s clearly a lot of benefit to that, but there’s…

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Discus Killer and Simple Concepts

This week I have schedule in the books a big project to share a lot of tips and insights. The inspiration came from what I saw this weekend at my Discus camp in So Cal…  and during virtually every throws camp I do. Today, I will touch on a few topics, and dig in more as we…

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Quik Tip Friday: Concepts for More Effective Throwing Drills

This past week we rolled our Drill Rx sheet to my Arizona Throwers. My throwers loved it. Why? … Everybody loves structure. They crave organization. Even unorganized people like things organized; They just aren’t good at it. And here’s the point… Drills need to be done in an organized manner, executed in an efficiently, and performed…

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