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Quick Tip Friday: Knees Apart

Is it Friday already? Man the week went by fast. Be sure to take a moment for our Veterans. My dad is Vietnam Vet and served in the early years before it got really bad. Mrs Arete’s Grandfather- who is 93 yrs young- was a Naval Officer during WW2 and sailed LST ships to the shores.   He has…

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Throwing Kiss of Death

Well the election is over, and perhaps it’s my age, or that I was hyper focused on the issues that are important to me, but I’m exhausted. A lot of people thrilled, while many others are frustrated at the results…. I zeroed in on the people who are frustrated because it is the #1 emotion…

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2014 Arcadia- Shot Put Runner Up Video

Great Day for Arete Throw Nation Shot Putter, Matt Katnik, and Coach Paul Diaz at the 2014 Arcadia Invitational. Matt got second place, and PR’d 3 times during the comp. with 4 throws over 63′. 63’4″, 63’10”, 63’11 1/2″, and 64’4″ This was Matt’s final throw at 64’4″ responding to fellow Arete Throws Nation shot…

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