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The ATN Online Throws Coaching Course 2.0

The  THROWING CHAIN REACTION system will unveil the the POWER of critical technical sequences that enable you to maximize your thrower's potential in the shortest time possible!

MODULE #1  ($57 value)

the desk of a throws coachIntro and Overview of the Throwing Chain Reaction System.  The who, what, where and whys of the system and how it will forever change how you see technique, and how to make the proper adjustments for maximum results!

MODULE #2  ($57 value)

Discus Domination/ Q&A

  • Discover the 6 Pillars Of The Throw: if you miss even one pillar, the throw will be limited
  • Learn to properly activate the "THROWING CHAIN REACTION™" system to create powerful throws... consistently!
  • Discover the fundamental flaw at each stage of the Throw; Learn to spot it and fix it...  fast!
  • Learn the key to an EXPLOSIVE power position!
  • LEARN TO IDENTIFY the most overlooked, yet simple part of the throw.
  • Receive a complete drill progression program and to have new throwers working the full throw in 60 minutes... and much more!


MODULE #3  ($57 value)

Goliath Glide (shot put glide)/ Q&A

While seemingly less technical, the glide is extremely difficult to execute dynamically!
  1. Discover how to set up a better glide in 15 seconds!
  2. Receive the Core 5 Drills that ALL gliders must work to be dominant in the ring
  3. Learn how to achieve a better POWER position.... a must know for big distance!
  4. How to break down each stage of the technique ( the 6 pillars) for better comprehension and execution from each thrower at every level
  5. Discover how to PR in 60 minutes….and much more  

MODULE #4  ($57 value)

Shot Put Supremacy / Q&A

Discover the 6 Pillars of the Shot Put (Spin), and how each phase differs from the Discus!

  1. Learn how to activate the THROWING CHAIN REACTION™ system in the shot put to create better throws more consistently
  2. IDENTIFY the most common fundamental flaws at each stage of the rotational Shot Put technique, and fix it... fast!
  3. Understand the difference between delivery in the Shot Put vs. the Discus.
  4. Learn the "golden nugget" of throws coaching -The Block, and take away the #1 key drill to help gain awareness. …and much more!

MODULE #5  ($57 value)

Strength Training for Throwers/ Q&A

  1. Learn what lifts directly transfer to the techniques of the throw
  2. How to design a basic strength training plan for each season: pre-season, in season, post season, and off season - block periodization 
  3. The 3 most common strength imbalances that limit strength potential----- this is BIG!
  4. Recovery - the missing link!

MODULE #6  ($57 value)

Tech Lab/ Q&A

  1. Learn how to SEE the technique of the throw
  2. How to identify the crucial difference between style and technique... this is one of the most common mistakes
  3. Learn how to step up your video analysis equipment for maximum results
  4. In this module, all attendees are encouraged to send throws videos of their athletes or themselves for FREE video analysis live in the course... this is a powerful way to see in real time how to effectively interpret, analyze, and make adjustments for greatest impact!

MODULE #7  ($57 value)

Connecting All The Pieces / Q&A

  • The Throwing Chain Reaction Review
  • Key Point Recap of the Course
  • Additional Info about  weight lifting for throwers
  • More Throws Video Analysis
  • Implement & Throws Coaching equipment preference and why
  • Q&A Session

BONUS #1-  Unlimited Q&A w/ Coach Erik Johnson- ($75 to $$$$ value)

Get unlimited Q&A for Coach Erik Johnson through either email, or the private Facebook group and ask questions about technique, your throws program structure, weight lifting program, or submit video in the Facebook group for analysis... Consulting for these services is $75 per hour... this is a BIG BONUS! 

BONUS #2-  Drill Prescription Sheet ($37 value)

You'll receive a printable list of all of the Throwing Chain Reaction Drills w/ a check box.  This is a very powerful tool to assess the athlete,  identify any technical weakness, select the top 5 drills to address this, and be able to actually hand the sheet to the athlete.- A GREAT TOOL!

BONUS #3- Power Point Slides of ALL 7 Modules- ($57 value)

To save you time trying to find one specific slide, you will provided with links to download all the slides from the course for FREE!

Use these printable slides to take notes while going through the course, use them as a valuable training tool for you, any assistant coaches, and the athletes... it  is yours to keep forever.

BONUS #4- Access Into The Private Facebook Group- (priceless)

An outstanding community of throws coaches, parent who coach, and throwers, like yourself, who are serious about wanting to truly learn how to build a dominant throws program.

Everyone is dedicated to learning how to develop their athletes to reach their true potential... many have used the system to build a program that produces champions at the State, National, and WORLD RECORD level....  Others have had many athletes who moved on to successful collegiate careers.

Ok, How Much Does This Online Course Cost?

The ATN Online Throws Coaching Course is a LIVE event where everyone will be logging into a group webinar.  The course takes place over 7 set dates (see below) and each module is between 90- 120min....that's over 12+ hrs of elite level throws coaching.  

The ATN Online Throws Coaching Course is an online program, so you can log in and attend any of the webinars from any device with internet access- desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.... and any where you want to be!

All the modules will be recorded and posted in a Throws Coaching Dashboard for you to view at a time that is more convenient for you too if you can not make it to the LIVE event. 

You can access these modules as many times as you want, and all ATN courses are renewable annually.

So let's review what this kicka$$ throws coaching course is worth...

You might be wondering how I justify the $57 value I listed for each module.

That's a legit question...

If you go to any website selling Throws Coaching videos, you'll quickly see that a single 45-60 minute DVD costs between $29.00 -$49.00.  Each module in this program that you will have at your fingertips runs between 90- 120 minutes.

So basically, this course is a 7 separate digital Throws Coaching DVD program.  Each one of these modules would sell for between $57.00- 67.00.

So, if sold separately, the REAL cost of this core program (7 digital dvds x $57.00 each) can be conservatively listed as $399.00

Now, Let's add the Bonuses we're offering...

You get to download all the slides from the course.  You may use this get tool to teach not only your throwers, but any ast. coaches as well as future coaches that join your program.

Drill Prescription Sheet- You'll receive all of the Throwing Chain reaction Drills and a check box.  This is a very powerful tool to identify any technical weakness of your athletes, select the top 5 drills to address this, and be able to actually hand the sheet to the athlete.

Access Into the ATN Private Facebook group-

An outstanding community of throws coaches, parent who coach, and throwers, like yourself, who are serious about wanting to truly learn how to build a dominant throws program.

You get Unlimited Q&A with me, Coach Johnson, where you can contact me by email or post video in the other bonus- the private Facebook group.  You can ask me questions about technique, your program structure, and weight lifting advice.

  • (MODULE #1) Introduction: Throwing Chain Reaction™ System, 6 Pillars of The Throw ($57 value)
  • (MODULE #2) Discus Domination, Technique/ Video Analysis/ Q&A ($57 value)
  • (MODULE #3) Goliath Glide, (shot), Technique/ Video Analysis/ Q&A ($57value)
  • (MODULE #4) Shot Put Supremacy, Technique/ Video Analysis/ Q&A ($57 value)
  • (MODULE #5) Strength Training: specific lifts for max throws/ Q&A ($57 value)
  • (MODULE #6) TECH LAB: How To Analyze Technique From Video/ Q&A ($57 value)
  • (MODULE #7) Connecting All The Pieces/ Q&A ($%& value)
  • (BONUS #1) Unlimited Q&A w/ Coach Erik Johnson ($75 per hour value)
  • (BONUS #2) Drill Prescription Sheet ($37 value)
  • (BONUS #3) Power Point Slides from all 7 modules PDF ($57 value)
  • (BONUS #4) Access into the Private Facebook Group (priceless!)

Since track and field coaches don't have big football program budgets, I would not ask you to pay those amounts.  I really WANT you to get access to ALL this game changing throws coaching content.... So you will get to attend this course and keep ALL the course's content and bonuses for $568    $357   only $167.


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… this system is a concise, iron clad, one stop resource for helping you truly understand how to coach  the discus and the shot put.

 You’ll not only have your athletes throwing farther in practice, but you'll have them throwing far when it really competition!

Here Are Some Coaches & Their Athletes Who Have Benefitted From The Throwing Chain Reaction™ System.... It Works!

The Coaches and Parent Coaches who crushed it from the Throws Coaching Course 1.0 coming soon (pictures and more details currently being edited... stay tuned for the stats...they are awesome!)

Nick Capuano from Beast Mode Track Club, Rob Ralph (parent coach) and his son Brant Ralph, Coach Angel De Los Santos, Coach John Fouts, James Martin (parent coach), Hendricks Au-Haupu, Chris Herpin