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Shot Put & Discus Throw Program Cheat Sheet

Use the Throwing Chain Reaction system to break down each key point of the throw.  The TCR system is the framework, each of the 6 Pillars are  key parts of the technique, and drills are the bricks that build strong pillars for a solid throwing program!

Here's a little peek inside a practice session.

ATN Throws Program Cheat Sheet

  • Have a list of key technical drills:
    • The Throws happens in just 2 secs, so just throwing each day doesn’t allow you to work on the parts of the throw- there is simply not enough time. That is why drills that work on technique, each position at a time throughout the throw, is so very important.
  • Always train the 6 pillars: If you are not familiar with what the 6 Pillars are, see below:

(Discus and Spin Shot)

  • Pillar 1- The Wind-up- the Start of the Chain Reaction
  • Pillar 2- Set up Maximum Power
  • Pillar 3- Apply Maximum Speed
  • Pillar 4- Axis Transition
  • Pillar 5- Lock Down Power
  • Pillar 6- Delivery- Finish Big

(Glide Shot)- Technically a bit less complicated, but still very difficult to master.

  • Pillar 6- Delivery- Finish Big
  • Pillar 5- Lock Down Power
  • Pillar 4- Drive
  • Pillar 3- Slide
  • Pillar 2- Load Up
  • Pillar 1- Set-up
  • When doing drills, work from Pillar 1 to Pillar 6- new throwers should work all six pillars to understand where they have the biggest challenge in the throw.Drills- when done CORRECTLY- expose where any technique and physical weaknesses are.
  • Do your pillar drills daily, and drill your weak pillars every day until they are no longer your weak pillars.
    • Dedicate time fixing what you need to in order to throw far, or you will always be struggling and remain stuck... or worst, over train incorrectly!
  • Follow the Pillar Connection Process when throwing in the ring. The Pillar Connection Process starts with Pillar 6 and works its way back to Pillar 1
    1. Pre-Block Pillar 6-
    2. Stand Throw - Pillar 5 & 6-
    3. Modified Wheel Pillar 3-4-5-5
    4. South African- Pillar 2-3-4-5-6
    5. Wind-up 1 Full Throw 1-2-3-4-5-6
  • Work the rhythm of the throw. During the first 4-6 weeks, its ok to be more mechanical to learn position, but spend at least 10 minutes each practice working on the flow and rhythm of the throw; it’s an important part of your shot put and discus throw training and makes a big difference!


There you have it. A simple structure to help coaches and throwers to get better!

Hey Listen, throwing the shot put and discus is unnatural, and technically very complex, but simplifying the complexity is how you understand it all better, and learn it faster. That’s what I strive to do with our throwers and coaches.

Just going out and throwing can often offer you limited return on your training time investment.

If you just followed this formula 3-4 days each week, you will improve more rapidly because you will be working and addressing all the key parts of the throw.

So Put this to work. This is a sport that requires a lot of work, and repetition. Enjoy the journey.

Coach “keep it simple” Johnson