Like I discussed at the camps, the Throwing Chain Reaction System™ (TCR) is a comprehensive system.  You can’t just practice it for a couple days and then forget about it.

While two days of exposure to the system teaches you a lot. But it’s like learning a foreign language—it takes time, and you have to consistently use it.

Study it for two days and you might have some structure down. You might be able to speak it a little bit—definitely better than before—and maybe even understand it a bit.

But if you don’t put in the time to review the core concepts, after those initial two days you’re going to forget what you learned.

You just haven’t had enough time to really apply that new information.

So although I do my best to make sure that we cram a lot of information into our Throwing Chain Reaction System™ Two-Day Camps, it really takes lots of practice and study too.

To help athlete and attendees remember the Six Pillars, we include a lot of bonus video material.

For those of you that want to really dig deep, and commit to learning these things inside and out… that’s where the Membership comes in.

We offer a promotional rate for our camp attendees. And the renewal rate is always less than the first year. It’s information that’s so comprehensive, you’re going to need to spend some time with it… so we do our best to make sure you have access to it.

That’s because learning to throw is like learning a language.

You can’t just do it once and get it!

You need to review this information over and over again. The more you watch our bonus videos, the more you’re going to learn.

Sure, you can watch a video just once and learn something.

But when you watch it five times, you’re going to learn something new… every time you watch it.

And if you watch it 20 times, you’re going to have a truly great understanding of the concepts being taught in that video.

So it takes time… but it’s well spent.

My Story about ‘Taking the Time to Watch’

I remember back in the day, I was what you’d call a “technically-obsessed” individual.

I used to watch VHS tapes for hours on end, using the slo-mo feature. You could frame it, rewind it, and it was all grainy and super old-school… but it was really effective for me.

One of the first videos I ever bought was Gold Metal Discus by Matt Wilkins.

That was a 45-50 minute video on how to throw a discus.

I laugh just thinking about all the time I spent watching that same video.

It was good.

I must have watched it no less than 100 times—and that’s no exaggeration!

The important thing is that every time I watched it, I tried to see if I could glean something new out of it… and I actually did.  Over and over again.

Years later, I’d get to meet and work with Matt Wilkins, and then I learned even more.

With the Throwing Chain Reaction™ we’ve created a valuable resource that’s meant to be utilized again and again.

You get to have it at home or out on the field, and always have a reliable resource to improve your throws!

Watch it once – you’re going to learn something. Watch it five times – you’re going to learn something new every time.  But by the tenth time – that’s when you’re officially super-crazy and dedicated.

With that kind of repetition, you’re going to pick up more information and more of the valuable tidbits hidden inside.  You’re going to see the positions clearly, and there’s a much better chance that you’re going to pick up on the advanced concepts that I explain.

That’s really the key: repetition and immersion.

That’s one of the reasons we continue to update the system and make it better!

This Fall, We’ll Have Plenty of Updated Courses.

We’re going back through some of our live courses this September… they’ll be edited up nicely and put into the program, including an updated Strength Training for Throwers.

We’re going to do a lot with this update. We’re adding lots of new stuff; the system’s always evolving and always getting better… just like the throwers who use it!

It’s been awesome so far… and flattering at the same time, thank you!

I hear from people all over the country when I’m at track meets now.

They come up and introduce themselves to me, and tell me how much they love the system, or how much they appreciate our YouTube videos or the other materials and courses we offer.

And that’s the intent.


There’s a real shortage of throws coaches and of good information to study.

One of the things we’re trying to help coaching programs understand is that just an hour of “coaching” isn’t going to give your athletes the results they need.


Two and a half hours, five days a week of dedicated practice will fly by, and start to show great results when you have the structure of a proven course that’s easy to implement and teach.

Simple, right?

I saw this first hand this year. I pitched in at my son’s school and helped their coach up his game a little bit.

He’s a teacher, and like many of throws coaches out there, he has good intentions… but he really had no idea where to go.

He was watching videos on YouTube, and some of the videos were absolutely terrible—but he had no idea!

And that’s what most people are trying to do: learn whatever they can, without making sure that it’s coming from a good source.


We make sure that our YouTube content is truly valuable and informative.  It’s for throwers and coaches that really want to dig deep into the art of throws.

That’s what the online membership is for.

Whether you’re considering going to a camp… or you’re ready to invest in our program… or you’re just looking for resources to help you become a better coach or thrower…

Remember it’s absolutely 100% like learning a language.

You’re gonna need help, practice, and guidance.

You’ll get great results, as long as you continually practice.  The same rules apply to becoming a great thrower.

Repetition and guidance!

If you start throwing two or three weeks before the season, and then you finish at the end of it… and you don’t throw again from the end of the season until the next season (which is going to be about nine months away)…

You’re not going to be on the top of the heap.  (Unless you’re an exceptional two or three sport athlete)

Most top throwers get out of their fall sport altogether and become 100% focused on their throwing endeavors.  That’s how intense throws can get.

The moral of the story here is:

The more time you spend, the better you become.”

Bigger increases, faster. That’s the goal… and it takes methodical practice.

The same goes for coaches!

The more scenarios you have under your belt to help instruct throwers of varying ability levels, the better you’ll do.

Having a general structure to follow makes a massive difference in your development as a coach; your ability to see the details of the throw.

That’s why we have our “Tech lab,” and that’s why our courses actually increase you understanding of how the throw works… by breaking it into six pillars.

Just like that “language thing” we were talking about… the more you practice it, and the more you do it, the better you’ll become.

That goes for athletes and coaches!

So again, the success stories and the “Thank Yous” we’ve heard have been great.

Thank you too, and you’re welcome!

Throwers everywhere are improving immensely after adding just a few basics from the  Throwing Chain Reaction™ System. Really glad to hear it!

That’s the intention. Constant Improvement.


And we want to do something to improve the sport overall!

I think the sport of track and field is awesome.

The throwing events are awesome, and shot and the discus at the high school level is the future. If you look at the figures, the level of performance has increased too…

I think it’s due to programs like Throwing Chain Reaction.™

It’s the simplest. It’s the most straightforwardAnd it gets real results.

The moral of the story is that just like learning a language, there is no shortcut.

You’ve got to put in the time, and learn the right way.

That’s why helping young athletes develop is our ultimate goal – and better than that, we want to improve the sport across the board too!

Learning the “Throws Language” is ultimately what’s going to bring up everybody’s level of success, and improve the sport globally.

Throw Far,

Coach Johnson