The importance of the little lifts in a strength training program for throwers are significant. Below is a basic bent over Dumbbell row. Basics movements need to be done correctly.

The Thrower on the left is doing it incorrect. The coach on the right is loaded on the legs correctly, and can now better engage scap retraction and facilitate a proper rowing motion.

The thrower on the left is too far forward and can’t engage the scaps correctly to work Retraction, or work the Rhomboids, because as he pulls the weight, he pulls himself forward and he will use too much bicep and anterior delt…

… This is a simple lift, but often done wrong.

Why is it important for throwers?

Rows done properly, help with Scap retraction which opens the chest, improves posture alignment, and thus allows better function of the core. This combo will improve Thoracic rotation. Better Thoracic rotation means you will have better separation/torque in the throw.

Remember, the body is a system, and throwers need to train do specific things to improve as a thrower.

Don’t forget your assistance lifts, and don’t forget that you need to do them right to get the maximum benefit to improve your throwing.

The pre-season has begun and that means training is in full swing.

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