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We know why you’re here.
Learning Track and Field throwing events: Glide Shot, Rotational Shot Put & the Discus throws is hard… really hard.
It’s technical, it’s not natural, and you have to spend equal time between building up strength levels & mastering throws technique.
For throwers and parents of throwers, you find you’re on a deserted island looking for a throws coach, and if you are a throws coach, well… you’re like a unicorn! Rare & beautiful.
But at the end of the day, throwing the shot put and the discus is awesome!
It’s a sport of warriors, gladiators and truly the OGs of the Olympic games.
So why is it not more popular?
It’s because unlike football or soccer, where you can find a congressional library of information on how to play, and there are coaches everywhere you look,  throwing is more like a scavenger hunt…
Except, you have no idea what it is you’re looking for.
What you need is a solid, proven track and field, throws training resource to go to in order to understand
All the technical positions.
The key drills to perfect shot put & discus throws technique.
Tutorials on how to throw the shot put & the discus
and educational classes & lessons on how to coach the throws for every level of athlete.
Whatever it is for you…
We’ve got good news for you-
This is EXACTLY why we built the Throwing Chain Reaction System®, or TCR for short.
Once inside this comprehensive track and field, throws training system, you’ll be consistently getting better at training and coaching for bigger results faster than you ever thought possible.
No more spending hours searching online for some glimmer of hope video- in fact you can enjoy training or coaching again since you now know what to do and how to do it.
If you’ve been throwing for a while or coaching your whole life, you’ll gain so much more insight and start advancing quickly.
Nothing is more motivating than success.
and it all starts at Pillar 1…. oh, you’ll learn all about that inside the TCR System.