42ft Glide to 60ft Rotational Shot- How To Make The Switch – Arete Throws Nation

See how to coach the transition from glide shot put to rotational shot put and increase the throw by 8 ft, 10ft, or even 20ft FAST!
In this glide/ rotational shot put coaching video from Arete Throws Nation, you’ll see how the TCR system can provide you with the key drills and coaching cues to transition any thrower from glide shot to rotational shot put and throw farther.

It’s never too late to make the switch!

Once you know how to set up the proper technical positions for a seamless transition, then monster PRs follow & you’ll have the ultimate success!

There’s a better way than trying to PIECE TOGETHER INFORMATION on how to throw the Shot Put and the Discus.

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Video Analysis

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