As we approach the 2016 track season, Arete Throws Nation started its Pre-season TCR Throws camp series.

If you are a shot putter or Discus thrower, the 10-12 weeks before the first meet is a critical time to get to make some big improvement technically, both in the ring and in the weight room.

All my top athletes, every season, learn technique, drills, and get a lot stronger in preparation for the season; some started in the fall, or just after the completion of a fall sport.
…. That’s basically at minimum 2.5-3 months of training before the season starts!

This small section of time can be season changing performance time, so it’s imperative to have a structured plan in order to maximize this window of time. At Arete Throws Nation, we use the Throwing Chain Reaction™ system in combination with our Arete Throws Strength program…

It’s how we get our throwers to routinely open the season with new PR’s in the shot put and the discus. The ATN season opening record in the discus is 27’ 6”, and 13 feet in the shot put (45′ to 58′- I think that one is gonna stand for a long time!)

But part of training success is having a good plan to follow.
Let me rephrase that… You must follow a structure and have a plan.

If you are reading this article, you are clearly looking to find ways to get better…
… to get better at throwing the Shot put and the Discus, You MUST have a plan to follow that is well structured.

Earlier today, I was sending out some information to our recent attendees of our Pre-season throws camps, about what we covered. At each camp, we always hear a handful of kids say, “ I learned more in the first hour than I’ve been taught in the last year!

I’m not going to lie, I love to hear this, and I think this has a lot to do with HOW the information is organized and structured – and we do provide A LOT of great information. All of the ATN throws camps are structured by breaking down the throw into parts called PILLARS (6 pillars to be exact), and this is the framework of the Arete Throwing Chain Reaction™ system.

So, for those of you that haven’t attended an ATN throws camp, or had a good solid structure to follow –

I am offering a free cheat sheet of how I plan out an ATN camp < see below>.

It is an overview of the Throwing Chain Reaction™ system and should give you a better understanding of what I am talking about.
You can copy it, use it as a guide, or you can come to a camp and see it in action…

… but whatever you do, make sure you enter into the season with a structured plan of how you are going to address your strength levels, correct your weaknesses in technique (or strength), address any injuries, and maintain a forward projection throughout the season and finish the season strong…and hopefully in a state and national meet!

shot put discus work out guide