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Quick Tip Friday: Modified Wheel Drill Adjustments

Sometimes the best adjustments are simple. Focus on the proper set up for better and faster results. Check out this Quick Tip for adjusting your Pillar 3, 4, 5, 6 using the modified wheel.

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Quick Tip Friday-Shot Put and Discus Throw Drill- 270-drop-in Drill

💥💥💥QUICK TIP FRIDAY💥💥💥.The right drills are the Key to throwing far. The shot put (rotational) and Discus share the same 6 pillars in the Throwing Chain Reaction Systems, but all they are slightley different in each event. The 270 drop in drill is one that can be done basically the same way. The 270 Drop-in…

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Shot Put and Discus Fall/Winter Training: What You Should Be Doing Now

One of the key things Arete Throws Nation focuses on when an athlete is going to focus exclusively on being a shot-putter, or a discus-thrower, is to understand what you’re supposed to do at what time of year.   If you throw, throw, throw and constantly throw, there’s clearly a lot of benefit to that, but there’s…

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Quick Tip Friday: Knees Apart

Is it Friday already? Man the week went by fast. Be sure to take a moment for our Veterans. My dad is Vietnam Vet and served in the early years before it got really bad. Mrs Arete’s Grandfather- who is 93 yrs young- was a Naval Officer during WW2 and sailed LST ships to the shores.   He has…

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