This past week we rolled our Drill Rx sheet to my Arizona Throwers.

My throwers loved it.

Why? …

Everybody loves structure. They crave organization.

Even unorganized people like things organized; They just aren’t good at it.

And here’s the point…

Drills need to be done in an organized manner, executed in an efficiently, and performed in a way that improves the thrower.

I often talk about the need for 5-6 drills (that’s usually during the season.)

The part of the throw that’s weak is the part that needs to be addressed…

And then the drill has to be taught and done correctly.

Over the past few weeks I have had 3 new throwers start our local programs. All with little or no coaching: 2 seniors, and 1 sophomore.

They have bad habits, and their concepts of the movement is incorrect.

If the concepts are incorrect, the training is automatically incorrect as well.

So step #1 is to get the drills executed correctly.  This is to help the athlete gain a clearer concept of each pillar in the Throw.

Step #2, decide how will strength (or lack of) further affect drilling and throwing?

The sophomore has few bad habits, and serious strength imbalances.

…. therefore the drilling has begun!

There is a reality when coaching….

… when you watch my videos, you will see that I instruct the athlete on how the drill is supposed to be done and then the athlete does what they “think” I told them.

Inevitably, a new Arete athlete won’t do it correctly because they have an unclear concept of what I am coaching, but that is why they are here.

This is a big part that coaches and throwers need to realize.

You must coach Drills Correctly….Period.

 At any given practice, you will hear me say…

Correct it and correct it and correct it. 

I would say it takes a good 75-100 reps before most throwers with bad habits will begin to clarify the concepts of the drill and start moving correctly.

So here’s Your Quick Tip Friday:

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Make Sure your concept of the throw is correct. Drills are the key to success.

However if your concepts of the Drill is incorrect….

You’ll spend A LOT of time doing movement that’s not gonna help you improve fast.

Every year I get kids with bad habits, and every year I crush them with at least 1000+ reps in the first 2 weeks, but the real secret is that during that time I’m re-programming their concept of the throw.

That’s the detail that gets missed.

Whether you’re a coach or thrower…Be a student of the sport… Get your concepts clear… Throw Far,

– Coach Johnson.