Whenever I do a throws camp,  I strive to teach the Process and the System of throwing to become a better athlete or throws coach…. We keep the groups smaller, so we can get in a ton of reps and throws.

The biggest take away is understanding that throwers and coaches need to train in a specific way that is exclusively for them.

… and the TCR system helps Coaches and their throwers understand what its takes to realize their throwing potential.

Most young throwers just want to throw, and try to throw far as far as they can each time ….

… but the throw is sequential and must be executed specifically.

The rules of physics in technique and the demand of explosive strength levels for the shot put & discus are crucial, so if a thrower doesn’t train correctly, they will never realize their true potential.


At Every camp, you will hear me say, “throwing the discus and shot put is totally unnatural, and the only way to make it feel natural is to train the correct sequence of movements; that means lots of reps and lots of drills”.

As I reflexed on this last throws camp of the year, I drew out 3 big lessons I want to share with you:


  1. The throw happens in 2 seconds, you can’t work on all 6 pillars in 2 seconds, therefore, break things down- this is the process of learning the throw
  2. The TCR™ show throwers and coaches how to better understand all the technique, imbalances, strengths and mindset that happening in those 2 seconds.
  3. The TCR takes you through the 6 pillars, spending a lot of time of Pillar 1&2… because if the TCR™ is done  incorrectly here, the throw is gonna sink like a rock.

These 3 items are the process of the TCR system, and why our member coaches and throwers are having such good results.

All of the Safford throwers that came to the camp have the ability to throw considerably farther, and some have the potential to be very good… but they have to work this process if they want to be the best!

Lesson #2: PATIENCE

As a coach, I just want to see 4 things

  • maintain a mindset of loving the grind while training
  • Do the work at 101%
  • Understand throwing is all about Reps, reps, reps.

Just focus on positions and don’t make the fatal error of obsessing about the distance.

Virtually all younger throwers are very, very impatient; I call it youngster syndrome.

Many of the kids will huff and puff if the discus or shot doesn’t go far after 1 or 2 drills.

This attitude is not gonna make them better.

One of my out-of-state Online members who lives by Seattle, Washington- Jackson- did this on Friday…

…. he was huffing and puffing on a drill that he didn’t get right after 1 throw!

I had to tell him to be patient, and after about 10 throws, he was already improving a lot.

Kids at the discus camp last Saturday did the same thing…

After 1 throw, they started getting frustrated… even when it was actually pretty solid.

Then, after 10 throws, were doing much better…

… after they all threw 10 whole throws,  I told them they only have 990 to go!

I made it clear, that what makes a great thrower is the ability to realize that you MUST put in the reps.

.. After a 100 throws…. it’s a totally different ball game. So be patient!

… because when you are not patient, the frustration will take over- Remember it’s the Performance Killer!!!

The TCR™ system works, but its not magic… you have to be patient and do the work in the system.



Listen, as a private coach, I must have kids throw far-  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Nobody pays a guy if he doesn’t produce… that is why I use my own system to the letter.

I understand that distance comes when the positions are right, so I’m concerned with distance when it matters most- closer to the season or during competition.

Sure a lot of studs compete in indoor meets back east, but most throwers that are still green and need the time to develop good patterns that will help their mechanics to throw far.

So at my camps I try to make sure the throwers know they have to only be concerned with the positions…

… When they do that, the distance automatically comes.

Bad positions equals short throw and young throwers need to realize this and fast!

The best kids are the ones who have a bad throw and take it for what it is… a missed the throw.

They reset their positions and then they try to hit the positions the next time.

The throwers that walk around and huff and puff, are just killing progress.

Yes, I’ll likely talk about this forever because it’s such an important part of becoming a better thrower, quickly, and it’s double important for coaches to recognize their role to explain this to throwers.

So, lesson 3 is:

  1. Focus on the current drill or throw, and its positions and rhythm…. Once it is over, it’s done… Coaches will then analyze, adjust it if necessary, and then move forward!
  2. All that matters is the correct mechanics, not the distance. When both the coach and the thrower make that switch, the big throws start to happen fast.
  3. Until I see a sector and meet officials, THEN it’s go time and we let it rip….  But until then, chill out!

What you do in the 8’2″ circle, or the 7′ circle is all that really matters. Do that right and everyone will be stoked with the results.

Coaches and throwers need to be laser focused on the Mechanics- Hit the Positions, and the distance will follow!

Train Smart!

Coach Johnson