Alright A-Nation,

I’m leaving tonight for North Carolina to coach Tyson Jones at the New Balance Nationals. He’ll be throwing on Saturday, so I’m sure I’ll be livestreaming it!

I invite any of the ATN member Coaches to DM me and we can get together.


Ok, let’s get to some throws coaching.

Every pillar has a Pillar 1

What that means is there is a starting point to each pillar that sets up the finish into the next pillar …. a pillar connection.

The pillars of the TCR™ system are a way to break down what is happening in the whopping 2 seconds it takes to complete a throw.

We break apart the throw into 6 specific parts with 6 specific objectives.

If you’ve been reading our tips, following our YouTube channel, been to a TCR Throws Camp, or you’re an ATN online member– you understand this concept CLEARLY!

In the Discus and Rotational Shot Put, the pillars are:

  • Pillar 1 is always setting up the throws, or as it is most known as it’s setting up the trigger.
  • Pillar 2 is setting up maximum power.
  • Pillar 3 is dropping in and applying speed.
  • Pillar 4 is the axis transition, or the twist and wrap.
  • Pillar 5 is locking down power.
  • Pillar 6 is the big finish, delivery.

That’s the order of the pillar connection – action of moving forward.

In the Glide Shot, the six pillars are

  • Pillar 1 is setting up the trigger, or the setup.
  • Pillar 2 is loading and coiling, which is to create maximum power.
  • Pillar 3 is dropping and sliding.
  • Pillar 4 is driving a kick, and
  • Pillar 5 is locking down power
  • Pillar 6 is delivery.

Same as rotation throws, but different mechanics. 😉

The key thing is your Pillar 1

Pillar one is not just the set-up, it’s basically your windup in rotational throws and the set-up for glide shot.

In the rotational throws, so many people set up the wind up incorrectly!

When you start to learn the TCR™ system, you begin to understand how things work in terms of a chain reaction, and you start to be able to identify problems much faster.

Since we are in Summer Camp mode, everyone who has attended the first 2 camps—Phoenix and Houston—and those who are going to the other camps (So CalNor Cal, & Chicago(we are working on Kansas and Des Moines, Iowa!) learns about the 6 pillars of the throw in the fist half of the camp….

… and then in the 2nd half, begin to connect the pillars – aka Pillar Connection- until we then finish the camp with full throws.

This is where the throwers and throws coaches see results in 1 day!

Below I put a short video about set up for a pillar connection of Pillar 3-6 as I coach a drill: Modified Wheel.

This is an example of what I am talking about.

You’ll see that by adjusting the set up in this drill, the thrower increases his throw by 25ft.

We still have some Summer Camps opened, so if you want to learn all this in detail, check out our camps here.

Until next time,

Study the Pillars of the throw, and stay thirsty for technique, my friends!

(man, that was cheesy 😀 )

– Coach Johnson