In the Glide there are many important details to achieve a dynamic power position.

Gliders need to understand how to align the center of mass in throw.

Especially in he STAND throw. .

Be sure to COIL, the term we use for the upper rounded shoulders, which is positioning the shot put correctly in line with the Center of mass.

Notice how 2x Olympic Champion Majewski Pulls the shoulders over and in (Coil) vs how a young thrower tends to stay straight and thus extends the shot put too far away from the center of mass.

Glide SHot Put, Quick Tip Friday

This difference is quite noticeable. This positions the hips too far ahead of the implement from the start resulting in poor separation and a weak drive leg load or a weak Throwing Chain Reaction™.

Be sure to Coil and align properly to train the correct pattern and feeling of power in the stand throw.

Reach with the non throwing shoulder, not the arm, and keep the block arm relaxed and let it hang. If you are in the correct position the drive leg shin will be angled (MAJEWSKI) vs 90 degrees (THE YOUNG GUY)

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