Here is my throws coach’s rant at 30,000ft on what it takes to be a champion shot putter and discus thrower!

We are now at the end of the season and it is “GO” time. This is when all your hard ass work needs to come together and you gotta perform and deliver BIG throws!

If you were not focusing 100% on your throws training, on your nutrition, on your weight training program, or if you were screwing around and putting other things in front of training like partying, or video games, or TV shows, you can’t be disappointed when your results are not what you expected them to be.

When you look around at the guys who are kicking ass right now, there is no mystery about what they did to get to that point.

They worked their asses off, and they simply worked harder….period.

The same goes for the throws coaches too… the athletes who are crushing it,

have throws coaches who study, and dedicate time to the science of the throw. They work hard learning how to better coach the sport, how to properly analyze video, how to teach technique.

The Arete Nation of coaches who have been through the ATN Coaching Course are now dominating in these big meets…why? Because they took the time to invest into furthering their understanding of how to better coach a very technical sport, and the Throwing Chain Reaction system makes that challenge much easier to do.

I can honestly say, at Arete Throws Nation, our athletes know how important it is to take seriously ALL the parts of being an athlete is. It’s not just the lifting, or just throwing the implement around…it’s a laser focus on technique, drills, drills, drills, and more drills, the NUTRITION, the rest, the post workout protocols… ALL OF IT make a champion, no matter at what level you are at!

To be a champion, you gotta act like a champion, and my friends, that honor is set aside for the few who have the grit…. go get A-Nation!

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