Want to crush it at a big meet, or at a championship comp?  Well, don’t overlook the power of how you fuel up your body  the day, the hour, and even the minute before you step into the ring.

Nutrition plays such an important role in an athlete’s life, that it can make or brake even your athletic performance.

Now, I can go super in depth on nutrition, but since we are only days out from big meets, it’s time to kick it up a notch, and simply eat right to maximize your performance and squeeze everything you got into a big throw!

With that being said, I created a quick chart to help guide you while we all prep for the next few big prelims and championship meets.  For more in depth info about how to eat and how to maximize testosterone levels, strength levels, and become a strong, healthy athlete, we will be opening up a whole sports nutrition section to Arete Throws Nation in a few days!

The ATN Sports Nutrition portion of our site and membership will contain tons of great info, usable guides, research articles, and charts to help you  navigate through your nutritional needs in a world full of junk food, and goofy food facts that flood the internet.

pre comp nutrition shot put and discus: MapleBalsamicChickenWhen it comes to your nutrition:

  1. keep it real… real food that is, no junk food/ fast food garbage
  2. keep it logical… you know damn well that eating a bag of processed cheese puffs, or drinking a big soda is doing nothing for your strength levels
  3. Eat like a champion athlete would:  maintain your strength levels by eating a proper carb/protein ratio 2:1.  Cutting out carbs like wild rices, yams, sweet potatoes, quinoa is dumb.  Your body requires the nutrients found in these foods, and you NEED them to maintain a healthy testosterone level- ladies too!  You wanna cut a carb, make it a cupcake or processed doughnut.
  4. Eat veggies… they are friend not foe!  The minerals, vitamins, and fiber are vital to a strong, powerful body
  5. Avoid sugar… void of ANY nutritional value, it’s a testosterone zapper and it simply recks the body in so many ways- physically and mentally  (more to come on this one)
  6. Avoid all alcohol…again, a testosterone killer
  7. Get in your good fats from foods like avocados, salmon, pumpkin seeds, grass fed lean proteins, coconut oil to name a few. (this is a big topic, and we will have much more to say on this once our Nutrition for Throwers content is open on our site).
  8. Don’t ever cut your calorie intake. You need to fuel your practice time, weight training program, and be ready to dominate during competition time.  You should know that shot put and discus throw are powerful, explosive sports that demand strength, and a inferno of energy for accurate, explosive throws….a weak and under nourished body throw nothing but tantrums.
  9. On the other hand, it isn’t advised to eat like a freak either, or binge eat and make only dinner your #1 big meal.  Over eating is a burden to the digestive system and can hinder your performance and you’ll be slower and less efficient.  Eating only 1 big meal a day is just not eating like an athlete, that is some crazy diet mentality and it has no place in throwing.  Eat smart!

Like I said, I created a simple chart to give you an idea on how to fuel up for pre-competition.  This guide shows how much to eat as the hours countdown to crunch time.  The easiest and best thing to remember is that you want to build up your strength levels and to do so takes nutrient rich foods and to get a good nights sleep.

For the Nutritional Guide: CLICK HERE

So, in a nut shell, keep your nutrition clean, lean and mean… Organic, non GMO, is good… a hot pocket, no so much.

Get it? … now get after it!