It’s Friday and you know what that means… throwing practice tomorrow!!

So here’s an installment of QUICK TIP FRIDAY.

Loading and setting angles in the discus throw and shot put is critical and massively affects balance and power.

When working the power position it’s important to understand how to angle the center of mass correctly so throwers stay on top of the delivery side leg. This is Pillar 5 & Pillar 6of the Throwing Chain Reaction System. In these pillars the Center of Mass must maintain a specific angle. keep the hips and shoulders level and angle the spine line from the block leg to the shoulders.

When positioned correctly the delivery leg is faster and more powerful. Work your angles. @shad_willie is a 19m shot putter and is starting to better understand how to maximize his cm angle and pillars 5 & 6 positions.

Then Check out this by US HS Shot Put #12 All Time Matt Katnik. Arete Throws Nation Alum and ATN #1 All-time. Watch the Center of mass Angle throughout the throw.