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5 Tips for the Discus Throw: The 30 Foot PR Formula

Here’s a little fact most people may not realize…. The Shot is easier than the discus.

The shot is harder on your body than the discus, but it is easier to learn for one obvious reason… the implement sits on top of you vs away from you.
So how do we routinely get throwers to jump up 25-30 feet in the discus; especially from the previous season?
Here’s how….
the 5 TIPS To Increase Your Throw in the Discus ….

Tip #1: Simplification.

Once throwers and coaches start to look at the throw correctly, its become much easier to teach.
This is why I said some things are simply incorrect, and if you’re coaching from the wrong perspective, its gonna result in leaving results on the table.
Ok I’m cheating, cuz I gave you that the other day, but focus on pillar 1; not on all the mistakes that are created by a bad pillar 1.
So when I say simplify….. Fix your focus.

Tip #2: Stay center and upright in Pillar 1 is the key to simplification

The discus is more complicated than the shot due to the implements proximity to the body and in the Throwing Chain Reaction™ system, Pillar 1 is the key….
It’s so overlooked; especially in the discus!
The Key to pillar 1 is to stay upright and Center during the wind.
… this helps set Separation and the Sprint leg axis.
In the discus, there are 2 kinds of separation: Shoulder Hip and Arm Shoulder..

Tip #3 Master separation mechanics first.

Separation must be set up correctly to initiate the proper Throwing Chain Reaction™ of each throw or drill…. This is the Key to Pillar 1 and the TCR™ system.
… and it is also what makes the discus a more difficult throw.

In the discus throw, there’s more to sequence because of the 2-part separation.

So, while the spin shot put and Discus have the same core 6 Pillars in the TCR™, each pillar is a bit different in the discus due to position of the implement and size of the ring and that is why throwers that spin in the shot put, often get rhythm conflicts with the Discus or vice versa.
Understanding the separation mechanics is a big part of the Throwing Chain Reaction™ system and it is a very technical aspect of throwing….
but once you begin to understand it, it becomes simpler to coach, and that 20-30ft increase becomes a tangible reality….and it can happen fast! .… We do it every year.

Tip #4: Avoid False separation.

I see a lot of kids set up what I have termed “False Separation“.
And just like term implies, they look “separated”‘ but they are not, and a lot of throwers with weak core don’t twist correctly….
…. and I see this overlooked ALL THE TIME.
This goes back to tip 1 & 2…..
If they don’t set up pillar 1 right, the rest of the throw is going down fast, and the sole focus on pillar one is separation and the sprint axis.
False separation usually is setting up only arm/shoulder and not hip/shoulder and that’s gonna results in way less torque…
… and that means shorter throws and a loooong time training without getting much better.

Tip # 5: Set the Feedback mechanism.

In the beginning, you need to learn to sense what a better throw feels like…
… This is what I refer to in the TCR™ as the feedback mechanism.
The discus is more rhythmical.
It’s more relaxed and long.
Its fast from the feet to the hips and you drag the upper body passively until you get to Pillar 6….. the Delivery.
If you, or your throwers are not in the right general positions, they can’t feel the right things that allow them to improve quickly. = “FEEDBACK MECHANISM”

This is what separates the elite from the average.

Basically, the “natural” thrower is simply someone who feels this and does this easier, otherwise it’s gotta be taught and that’s gonna be the case most of the time.

Like I wrote the other day, the old saying “if it feels wrong its right” That really is bullshit!

If it feels crappy, it’s crappy.
If it feels weird/different, but smoother, You’re on the right path.
Be patient and learn how this works.

It’s the key to getting better fast.

I encourage everyone that doesn’t understand the TCR™ to check us out.
If you want to see 25-30 foot jumps in the discus for yourself, or your throwers, the science of the TCR is proven. We do it year after year and you can too.
Throw Far!!
– Coach Johnson
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