ATN coaches & throwers- from our online members from around the world to the throwers we coach here in AZ and So Cal, are gearing up for the outdoor season openers.

We are now getting ready for our first meets and shifting focus.

That said, yesterday I began my day with wall throws and the goal was on the pillars 5 & 6…

…. Pillar 6 is all about the block.

(If you didn’t catch my email yesterday of my presentation excerpt about Pillar 6: The Delivery –aka the block- from the Arizona Track and Field Coaches Clinic, click here to check it out.)

Wall throws are a coach and thrower’s bread and butter.

Most of the local high schools here in AZ tend to have great handball courts and today we will get in there and started drilling.

So Find yourself a couple of big walls and grab a nice stack of throwing balls.

If you are in a region of the country where it’s subzero out, an indoor gym wall is every bit as nice.

(just keep your throwing ball clean and you don’t mark up the walls)

Wall throws enable throwers to get in so many more reps than you would in a ring, and in the TCR™ system I like my throwers to be much more focused on positions during wall throw drills.

Here’s a look at what some wall throws look like:

The wall has been our secret weapon with the TCR™ system; many reps in less time! Most everyone has heard the 10,000 throws a year statement. Meaning that is how many you need a year to become really good.

Wall throws count as throws and getting in 75 throws regularly is very doable and it takes a fraction of the time and you get in the reps you need.

Most schools that that are limited in the number of implements on hand- like having only 2-3 discuses and a few shot puts for 10 kids- are not getting in very many reps.

In fact, a number of the kids I have coached over the years would often only get 8 to 10 throws in a practice…..8 Throws!!!!

Now who do you think will get better, faster…. the kid that gets in 40-50 throws a week (if he’s lucky) or the kid getting in 300-450 throws a week?

It’s a no brainer. You gotta get in reps and when you use the TCR™ system, doing the reps is very impactful for a thrower’s success because throwers and coaches learn the mechanics and rhythm.

… And my throwers have just started dialing up more reps.

That is how you are gonna build a serious crew of throwers-click here to watch some video

So, if you don’t have indoor throwing balls, or indoor shots for wall throws, contact Rob Lasorsa from MF Athletics, and tell him you were referred by Arete Throws Nation and he’ll get you all set up with an order and a discount.

You must be equipped to get better fast!

Wall it up!

-Coach Johnson