It’s the day after Halloween, and after a night of trick or treating with my youngest daughter, I thought I’d post an ATN treat for all of you who are interested in gaining some serious SHOT PUT results!

… make that 5 tips to be exact….

This past Saturday we kicked off our Preseason throw camp series in So Cal with the Shot put, and like every camp there are a host of issues for every thrower to work on.

One of the biggest issues our sport faces is a limited number of properly trained coaches.

Most understand conceptually what’s supposed to be done, however, many have never been taught correctly, or better yet, ever been taught a true system… even those that threw in college.

The term “system” gets thrown around a lot, but what it’s really referring to is a coaching perspective…. meaning “We approach the throw via “x” way”…

The Throwing Chain Reaction™ System, however, is a REAL SYSTEM.

It has Step-by-step instructions, methods, language, and is Tested by Science….

… and you if want to get better fast, you’ll want to do so in the shortest steps possible!

So with that said, Here are your 5 tricks and 2 treats:

Tip #1: Simplification.

Once throwers and coaches start to look at the throw correctly, its becomes much easier to teach and learn. This is why I said some things are simply incorrect.

And if you’re coaching from the wrong perspective, its gonna result in leaving results on the table.

Tip #2: Pillar 1 is the key to simplification

One of the biggest problems across the board that I see at every camp is Pillar 1: Setting up the Trigger Action… whether it’s glide, or spin shot.

By now you should be familiar with the TCR™ system, and you should know that the efficiency of the start of the throw will determine nearly 80% of your success!

The start in the spin has 12 biomechanical checks, and in the the Glide shot, it’s 9.

Therefore, you don’t just randomly wind and go, or bend in go in the glide… this  is a crucial point to fully understand.

This is the message I always try to drive home at every camp.

If you just attended the shot put camp 2 days ago you should have this fresh in your mind:

The Throw is a Chain reaction and if the Pillar 1 is done incorrectly, you are in for a long rough ride.

In a nutshell the object of pillar 1 is to set up Separation and the Sprint leg axis.

If you don’t set up the separation, you’ll cut your power output dramatically. If you don’t set up the sprint leg axis., you can’t move into a position to generate speed… these are 2 critical goals of the Pillar 1.

If you don’t master Pillar 1… THROW OVER!  and your learning curve…. WILL BE MUCH LONGER.

Everything in the throw from poor foot rotation in the middle, to poor block during delivery to sector fouls, hinges on the efficiency of Pillar 1.

Tip #3: Understand each drill has its own TCR…

…and when a drill is not sequenced correctly, the drill will be done incorrectly.….and it takes so much longer to get better.

Basically, if you practice incorrectly, you will throw incorrectly, and your lack of results will be a harsh reality of why you must sequence and practice throw drills the RIGHT WAY.

Tip #4: strive to make your drills feel smooth and efficient.

Every drill & position, when done correctly, has a distinct feeling. This is what you must learn to recognize and replicate; the feeling and rhythm of the throw.

The old theory of  “if it feel wrong its right” …. Yeah, that’s total bullshit!

If it feels crappy, it’s probably wrong; if it feels weird, but smoother…

… You’re on the right path. Be patient and learn how this works.

It’s the key to getting better fast.

Tip #5: Improve your strength levels.

I know this is a “No Kidding Coach!” tip….

… but what I mean is the right type of strength.

A lot of kids get smoked doing the drills at the camp, and specific drills tax your hamstrings, glutes, and core.

… Even with a big bench press and squat, these muscle areas can be weak and limit your throw.

A lot of throwers have a difficult time hitting positions because they are not strong enough to hold the right position.

So I encourage everyone that doesn’t understand the TCR™ system to check us out.

If u want to take your throws to the next level fast… this is how.

If you don’t get tips 1-5 right., it’ll be the death of your throw!!! 

The TCR system is real, it’s science, and our systems is the first of its kind!

It breaks it all down step-by-step, backed with in-depth detail, and a library of throws analysis video that helps you “SEE” the technique better and greatly improves how you address any technical issues or weaknesses.


Once you understand how to simplify the complexity, the results will follow rapidly.

It’s the coaching and throwing game changer.

– Coach Johnson

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