After a full 7 hours of travel and an evening coaching session in Hurricane Utah yesterday, I’m finishing up with a quick blog to the A-Nation.  Tonight was the second day in a row doing a private throws coaching session and as we approach the season, I’m always more concerned with the fluid-ness of the full throw.

Rhythm is paramount to setting up the throwing chain reaction™ and when an athlete doesn’t focus on details of the set up, it takes them a much longer period of time to throw far.

The athlete I was coaching tonight has come to train with me for the past 2 years in So Cal and in Arizona, and he’s a strong kid, but the problem with strong kids is that they often “CAN” muscle the throw…

… this prevents them from feeling the throw.

A weak kid ( as I was) tends to feel the throw much differently because when they try to muscle it, it’s awful.

Ideally, you want strength and feeling AND you need to understand how to maximize both!

Now, if the strong kid muscles it, it’s gonna be ugly too, but it’ll go farther…

… but no matter how strong someone can get, they are not stronger than the laws of physics, and this is where the most basic things will begin to make a huge difference, because setting up the rhythm correctly, allows you to better apply the laws of physics.

How you swing the discus on the wind-up, or the path you set up during the wind on the rotational shot, or how efficiently a glider sets up and moves into a dynamic start position, impacts the quality and improvement timeline of the throw

This is the core tenant of the TCR™ system.

Set it up right and things go right…

  • Set it up wrong, and things will remain wrong throughout the throw.
  • Start short and choppy, and the throw will be short and choppy.
  • Start the throw long and fluid, enter and execute long and fluid.

So Simple, So powerful.. and almost always over looked.  When you see a young thrower that looks jerky, or choppy, fix it…quickly! If you are a young thrower, you need to be long and fluid no matter if it’s the discus, rotational Shot, or glide…. If you are 5’8, make yourself look 6’8”!

I see kids that are 6’ tall and throw like they are 4’8”- Everything is short, tight, off-balance, and the wrong speed.

Simple tip for today:

Set up all details in the throw to be long and fluid. Do that and your throw will be long and fluid.

Your  goal and the foundation of the TCR™ system  is to set up efficient reactions that all technically link together in a movement of 2 seconds and end with an explosive finish!

The majority of coaching focuses on the results that happened due to the effects of poor technique or distance, and not the causes or whys of poor technique and distances…. and this approach will result in minor improvement.

Whenever athletes use the TCR™ system, they achieve PRs of an average of 30+ft  in the discus with regularity, and 5-8 ft in the Shot Put… Those are big jumps, and it happens quickly….

…. and it’s for one simple reason- the TCR™ system sets up a throws coach or self-coaching thrower with a process that addresses the set up of a throw, and directs attention to causes and analysis.

This is so overlooked in throwing.

Many coaches see the obvious mistakes….

Kid “A” doesn’t turn his right foot in the middle, so work on his pivoting… but Kid “A” can’t turn his right foot in the middle, because he’s in a position that WILL NOT allow the proper reaction.

I use this example because if you set up the TCR™ system correctly, the foot will turn in the middle automatically, and therefore,  it becomes easy to make it dynamic: The automatic rotation is a reaction, not a conscious effort.

That’s powerful!

Think about it… 2 seconds!  Give or take depending on the level of the thrower.

What you set up, is what you see in the throw

Short set-up, Short Movement. Long, fluid set up, long fluid movement.


So when you head out to practice, focus more on the details you missed at the start and you will begin to see much bigger throws and dramatic improvement.

Throw Fluid,

Coach Johnson.

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