Today is Super Tuesday but at Arete HQ, its officially Technical Tuesday. And each Tuesday I’m planning to send out something technical related that you can sink your teeth into a bit.

So today I’m gonna give you some good nuggets.

Today’s video is about the path of the Block shoulder from Pillar 1 thru 6 and the In-and-out motion of the arm throughout the Discus..

In my recent discussions, I have talked about the feedback mechanism, and how setting up the throw properly signals the right feeling of the throw. The Path of the left shoulder is critical in the rotational techniques.

The Block shoulder path is paramount to the big throws and the sprint phase of the throw.

Over the years I’ve given this wrong motion a host of nicknames, one being the Dracula Shoulder.
(You know, the old Dracula movies where the vampire hold his cape and peeks over his shoulder.? Don’t do that)

Understanding the path of the left shoulder (right for Lefties) is a big, big deal. And the inability to do it right, is often an insight into what is a posture deficiency.

Aaaahh throwing. There are so many little details that must line up for big throws.

It’s why this is a tough sport. And why training must be done right. The littlest thing throws off the Throwing Chain Reaction™.
Here’s a new Video clip from inside the ATN member area.

During a training session, I jumped into the circle to explain to my thrower what she’s not doing right with her left shoulder from pillar 1 to 6. (She’s already improved 22 feet from last season)

There’s actually a lot in this 2.5 minute video. So Check it out Now.

Throw Far,
Coach Johnson

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