Yesterday was Martin Luther King day!

Being a history buff, I think Dr. King was an incredible individual. He was a grinder. A battler. He fought for things, that today, we likely can’t really fathom.

So, I hope you set aside a moment to pay your respect to Martin Luther King Jr, a true American warrior, and go grind out some training that moves you a step closer to your dreams.

You know, if you think about it, you can use MLK Jr  as an inspiration as a thrower.

He had a champion mentality, meaning he refused to let challenges stand in his way of success….

… and if you’re gonna be a great thrower, you have to take on the challenges that arise in your training in order to achieve greatness; never let obstacles stop you from going after your dreams!

I was a skinny 6’2, 180lb senior in HS and did not get recruited to any colleges.

Long story short, I never gave up and worked hard. Through my hard work and tenacity, I developed into a championship winning thrower- 6’4”/ 245lbs…..

… I became an NCAA All-American, attended UCLA and Colorado, and finished college on a 100% full ride scholarship!

Had I listened to the doubters, I would have been done as a senior, but I fought hard for it and eventually became one of the top 10 throwers in the US and an Olympic trials finalist….

… and now I’m developing elite coaches and throwers by teaching the Throwing Chain Reaction™ System.

Never give up fighting for what you want!


On Saturday, I had a speaking engagement for the Arizona Track & Field Coaches Clinic. I presented on the Glide and Rotational shot put…

…. I thought I would share a 15-minute expert from my Glide Presentation where I talk about Pillar 6 of the Throwing Chain Reaction™ system: The delivery and the block.

Enjoy, Lot of good nuggets here!

Throw Far,

Coach Johnson

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