Well the week flew by and training has been busy.

There’s a natural shift happening for throws coach about this time of year, and for many coaches and throwers in the Midwest and back East, the indoor season has already begun. You can start to sense that the big adjustments and technical understandings need to be solid.

Yesterday, I was a little bit on the sharp side with some of my throwers. Kids that have good potential, but need to be focused and work their butts off…

… the progress I’m seeing isn’t what I want and that doesn’t make me happy.

Technique needs to be clicking and it wasn’t.

But after chewing some A$$, a few of my throwers dialed up the focus, effort, and intensity and it turned into the best practice they had ever had! If you are just beginning your season, or preparing to start working with your throwers… You’ve got a short period to get a lot of work done!

As a coach, you must realize that there’s a time to lay down the law. Make them realize that their effort and focus is what yields results.

As a thrower, you must recognize where you are falling short and ask yourself if you are doing what you need to do.

Mind Set: It’s time to produce!

Throwers and coaches have to execute- There’s no time to waste and how you approach the goal is critical.

Coaches will have different styles, and throwers will have their own unique learning formula, but there is one common goal- Maximize technique! Period.

To do that you must keep it simple, focus on the critical elements, and master that….Stop trying to address 5 or 6 things all at once.

To do this, you must understand how to achieve the optimal position.

Today’s video is a montage of clips from a practice this week.

We of course use the TCR™ system, simplify for better results, and we work on the chain reaction and this video will of show you what that looks like.

This may not seem like a tip, but it’s a legit tip.

Study and simplify for big results!

Quick Tip Friday: Focus on the grind and Keep it Simple.

-Coach Johnson