There are 2 things that are key about the delivery of the throw that every thrower and coach needs to know.

Often times when Coaches and Throwers are learning the mechanics of the finish/delivery (pillar 6) in the Shot Put or the Discus, they are often taught the “inverted C” …

… But the C position isn’t a position! Actually, it is the result of good mechanical alignment from the ground to the shoulder.

Is your mind blown yet?

You don’t “try” to do the inverted C, it’s a result of the thrower’s mechanical alignment as they move into Pillar 6.

Too often, throwers and coaches are taught to consciously elevate the chest and throw the head back.

BAAAAAA! < that’s me inserting a wrong buzzer sound>

Elevating the chest and throwing the head back is NOT what you want to have happen in the throw.😳

This is thing #1.

That is a mistake!!!! While you do want an elevated chest coming out of the power position and into delivery, (Pillar 5 to 6) setting up the right Throwing Chain Reaction™ is how you arrive at this position. 🔑.

And that brings us to Thing #2.

You SET those positions, you don’t force yourself into those positions.

The “inverted C” is the result of everything that happens before getting to the finish.

⚙️The mechanical positions related to setting up the right angles from the ground, (beginning at the start -pillar 1) which continue into the middle…(Pillar4) lead to a dynamic and powerful delivery “C” position. (Pillar 6).

The forced act of lifting the chest, or worse yet, throwing the head back, just teaches throwers how to add to an already bad position by trying to mimic the proper position…

…. rather than setting up the correct actions, which fails to address the reason for the poor C position.

Phew! that was a mouthful.

Want to see this in action?

Check out the video below, and share it with anyone else you know who could really use this coaching tip.

Throw Far!

Coach Johnson

shot put and discus technique