olympic lifts for shot put discus throws


If you want to learn how Olympic Lifts can help to structure a strength program that transfers into BIG throws and how to consistently improve throughout the season, this article is for you.

Olympic lifts, Olympic lifts, Olympic Lifts.

One of the key elements in the ATN® Strength Training Program, found inside the TCR system,  are the Olympic Lifts: Clean, Snatch, and Jerk.

I can’t say enough about Olympic Lifts; they are just fantastic lifts!


  • Develop coordination … hell, they REQUIRE coordination!
  • Stimulate hormone production for building muscle mass
  • Train the nervous system to be responsive
  • They work flexibility
  • And the list goes on and on and on….

Olympic Lifts are pure athletic strength development, and should be a part of any level of an athlete’s program- especially throwers!

Personally for me, when I was in college at Mt. SAC, UCLA, and then CU Boulder, it was the first time I was exposed to true weight training and Olympic Lifting, especially techniques.

This exposure is where I learned how to do cleans and snatches more effectively.

Most college throws coaches also spend a great deal of time as strength coaches for their throwers. I was very fortunate to learn from some of the top throws/weight lifting coaches in the nation: Art Venagas (who brought in Coach Bob Takano to teach us Olympic lifting technique at UCLA), Ej “Doc” Kries, and my biggest strength training influence, Tony Ciarelli, USAW level 4 to name a few.

This is when I caught the fever to learn more, and I dedicated myself to learning the science of the throws, the details in the details, and the connection of an elite lifting program for the throws…

… and it led me to the finals of the Olympic trials in ’96, and a top 10 US ranking!