The holiday weekend was really great and a real weekend off for yours truly.
Watched college football. Saw Fantastic Beasts with my son (we liked it a lot).
Mrs Arete and the girls went and saw Moana.
It was a good weekend…

… and now its time for Cyber Monday.
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Each Monday, the plan is to discuss the mental preparation side of throws training.

Monday is Mindset Monday… Time to plan and prep.

There is so much esoteric mental stuff to throwing that a lot of throws coaches and throwers can really leave a lot of results on the table if they fail to address the mental and planning side of the sport.
Sure, you can throw, drill, lift, eat and sleep, or you can do all those with specific objectives and create amazing synergy.

If you aren’t brining these things up… You’re missing results.

I’m honest with my athletes. I let them know if their intensity in training is on point and going to maximize their results, if their focus is correct, if they are putting in the right mental juice.

This Monday is even more significant because this Monday is what I consider the official start of the Pre-season.

Most football guys are done and ready to shift gears, and indoor throws starts for many in just a few weeks.

Case in point, on Sat I sent you QTF (Quick Tip Friday) email, and the throws video I attached to it was of my next elite HS thrower. (His discus clip reel on our YouTube Channel: Arete Throws nation TV.

This kid is legit.

He’s the next big ATN Champion- 6’3” / 280lb junior, and moves like he weighs 220.

He’s gonna throw far.

I think 70+/200+ far…. I think he will be my best double thrower I’ve ever coached!

This is his second season using the TCR™ system, and since he has a 1 year foundation of the TCR™ system under his belt, he is so much further ahead of last year.

We immediately started tweaking with concepts, adding drills, and like always, I assessed his limitations.

He’s has a few, but they should be easy to correct and these corrections will allow him to achieve Arête.

(You can see the Video of him on my YouTube channel, and if you’ve haven’t subscribed, click here to watch the video and my pretty solid AZ crew of throwers)

So, let’s get to the point…. The point is, as a throws coach, or a thrower who has to coach him/herself, you must know how to layout an effective plan.

Throwing, Drills, Lifting, Nutrition, Sleep. ( kinda like our Mantra Tee)

Let’s break it down….


  • What TCR™ pillars are weak?
  • Why are they weak?
  • Is it injuries or imbalances?
  • Bad technical habits?
  • A combo of the last two?
  • What’s the Throwing plan?


  • Are the concepts clear?
  • Is the understanding of the positions clear?
  • What Pillars drill Rx is needed to correct the bad technical habits fast?


  • What GPR is needed. (Gross Posture Rebalancing)
  • Is the lifting program Olympic lifting Dominant?
  • Is the lifting program solely focused on strength, or throwing strength?
  • What throws specific strength work is needed


  • For the love of God, don’t eat junk food.… its in the name “Junk”
  • Fast food is junk food… You can eat a crappy fast food burger, or make your own. Make your own!
  • Eat often, and as a strength dominant sport/ athlete, you need to control your starchy carb intake.
  • Lean mass is critical.


  • Young athletes are growing. Make sure they are they getting enough sleep.
  • You release growth hormone when you sleep.
  • Youth athletes not getting adequate sleep are likely managing their time
  • Rest and sleep strengthen an athlete’s ability to repair and build muscle, and conserve much need energy for more training and sports performance


As a coach, or a thrower, you much focus on all the above to achieve the big-time results?

Not doing 100% in any category is leaving results on the table and that is one of the big variables for throwing success.

So… Does your Monday involve looking at all these variables and how they will be addressed, not only this week, but over the course of the next training cycle that takes you up to the Season opener?

If you are starting indoors in just a few weeks, it’s even more important to get everything dialed in.


Because- as I mentioned before- someone is always working harder than you right now.

Being the best guy in your school, or county is nice, but it means nothing when you realize you compete against the nation for a handful of spots on college programs across the country.

Especially if the goal is to make it to the next level as a thrower.

So do yourself a favor… if you don’t have a plan… make one, and if you do ( and you should) Monday is time to review and double check the plan and tweak it so you are maximizing what your throwers can do.

Its not just about technique, it’s about how good your plan is and how dedicated you are to working that plan… ALL THE TIME!!

Train prepared and throw far,

-Coach Johnson


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