Today is December 1st, and 2017 will be here in 30 short days.

Can you believe how fast 2016 went by?

It’s crazy how fast time flies.

Now you have a short and critical window to get ready for the season.

The throws coaches who have a rep for producing good throwers, and throwers who are very consistent with their results are starting now.

I can predict the success of a thrower, or coach in about 60 seconds.

Simply reviewing 2 simple things:

  1. What’s the coach’s/ thrower’s plan of attack for the season
  2. What’s their willingness to put in the work, and really work the plan

This week I’ve written a lot about concepts, plans, and given out my notes from a week at ATN PHX.

If you don’t have a throwing, drilling, lifting structure ( i.e. Plan) and work your butt off , you’re going to fall well short of big results.

This sport requires so much planning and the mental understanding of what it takes to be successful. It’s a grind.

Every year I watch coaches that do try to have their athletes succeed, but juuuust miss the mark (no pun intended), and it usually comes down to not having a comprehensive throws training plan.

Add to that not putting in enough time into developing their own coaching skills and these weaknesses trickle down to the athlete and the athlete’s results.

At Arete, we often talk about #LoveTheGrind, because this sport is a grind….

…. and you either love the work and the payoff, or you’re never one of the top dogs.

So when a coach shares with me what they do and don’t do in their program, I can verify it in minutes:

  • You can see it in their throwers’ results
  • You can hear it in the coaching instructions and adjustments
  • And you can tell through the intensity of the athlete who has a love the grind attitude and who just goes through the motions.

Point is, you’re either comfy with mediocrity, or you’re not….

… and let’s be honest, it you were once a thrower, you’re most likely an alpha dog, and mediocrity is just not an option.

I know for me, I just can’t do it…. I will stay up all night grinding until I solve a thrower’s road block; reviewing their video over and over, making notes and developing a plan….

It’s almost not healthy.

The reward?

Well, I produce results for my throwers CONSISTENTLY using the TCR™ system.

If you use the TCR™ system, The structure is already laid out for you and is proven time and time again.

I’ve had every level of thrower, and the common thread of big improvement at any level or ability level is the willingness to do the work on very specific things.

I know I have talked along these lines before, but its PRESEASON.


In 11 short weeks, its’ time to up your game!

If you are trying to piece it all together off free YouTube videos- You’ll never achieve what you can.

Sure, you might come across a few good tips, but the majority of it is just plain awful…

… and if you don’t have a solid knowledge about the science of proper throws technique … it is difficult to tell the difference.

You need knowledge. You need to understand the basic physics and biomechanics behind technique and that means you’re gonna have to go spend years attending camps, clinics, courses, and reading books…

… Or you can jump on a program like the ATN Throwing Chain Reaction™ system that really puts all of that in one place with a cohesive approach and with proven results.

Today, I’m including a little high light real of training with Jason Harrell. As you should know, he was 4th at the 2016 US Olympic Trials in the men’s discus.

Although we had a rough start to last season, we worked tirelessly and pushed through a lot of speed bumps. Then, with only 4 weeks out from the trials, it all clicked together….

… it was a perfect formula of a well executed plan, and a solid trust between the athlete & the throws coach.

The TCR™ system again reigned supreme!

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Jason’s journey is Cinder-fella story:

He never made a NCAA appearance. He wasn’t even in the top 40 in college. In his 1st year training in the TCR™ system, he was in the top 12 in the US. Jason ranked better than all but 3 NCAA throwers the previous year…. Meaning he jumped past 37 guys.

This year, he’s 4th at the Olympic Trials.

The TCR™ system teaches consistency.

It addresses the limitations that slow down progress, and Jason out performed every athlete that made the NCAAs 2 years prior.

He was on no one’s radar, and now he is one of the top 5 men in the US.

The TCR™ system works at every level- It maximizes talent.

Below you will see Jason going through the same progression we teach in the TCR™ system.


As the season approaches. What is your plan?

Because if you don’t have a plan, I can predict how your season is gonna go, and you should- at this point- know too.

Knowledge is power. Using that knowledge maximizes your athletes and fast tracks results.

Time to Grind!

– Coach Johnson,

PS.  The TCR™system is a fully comprehensive throws coaching tool that:

  • Athletic Directors can give to their throws coaches to develop their coaches & throws program
  • Head track coaches can use as a training tool for their throws coaching program
  • Throws Coaches can use to deepen their knowledge on coaching the complex techniques requires to excel in shot put and discus
  • Throwers can use to GREATLY help them learn how to throw (especially when there isn’t a throws coach available)
  • Parents of throwers can invest in to help their athlete further their understanding of what it takes to become a champion and further develop the necessary talent it takes to become a collegiate thrower and beyond!