When new throwers begin, I’m a firm believer they should learn to glide.

Throwing, as a rule, is totally unnatural; therefore, I think it’s very beneficial to teach the glide… and of course to teach it right.

The key?

Learn the TCR™ system of course 😉

But truthfully, the key is setting up an effective Pillar 1 and Pillar 2, and in this short video I pulled a clip from training the other day with one of my first-year gliders.

He was setting up his Pillar 1 incorrectly, which changes the CM (center of mass) so that each time he tries to pull in and kick, he begins to fall off balance, instead of loading and setting his body into a dynamic position.

It’s always about the Throwing Chain Reaction™.

Learn it right the first time, and spend less time correcting the mistakes.

Have a great Friday and Glide on!!

– Coach Johnson

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