[VIDEO] “I Don’t Know Anything”

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I am officially beat after coaching for 13 days straight without a day off.

After flying home from SoCal from completing my 20th year as Director of the Tony Ciarelli Olympian Throws Clinic, I got to enjoy a few movies on Sunday with the family.

And so, today I wanted to send out a little mindset motivation.

For those of you that don’t know Tony Ciarelli, he is a USAW level 4 coach, Olympic throws coach, and has been my mentor and like a big brother for over 20 years.

It is because of this 20-year relationship with Tony that I discovered that to become a great coach, you need to find some great mentors who are very knowledgable and experienced in the sport.

My goal with Arete Throws Nation and the TCR™ system is exactly like that…

… to become a mentor, be a guide, and provide a fully comprehensive system to help fill a void in our sport and greatly increase the competition level.

This is what Tony did for me. He provided great coaching and knowledge; it was then up to me to apply it and push myself to max my potential.

At the wrap up of the clinic, Coach Ciarelli shared some great throws coaching knowledge with the clinic attendees. I thought it was a great example of the mindset you need when learning how to coach AND to throw….  and I wanted to pass it on to you.

At the wrap up of the clinic, he said:

“Always work with the beginners mind.”

… meaning, always approach everything fresh and always be open to learning.

He looked around at the athletes and followed that up with: “I don’t know anything.”

I have expressed this concept to you before. I’m always learning, and always trying to get better.

If you think you know everything, you stop learning, and therefore you stop advancing your skill level, your knowledge, and you plateau.

Like I said, Coach Ciarelli has been my big bother and mentor for over 20 years. He has been one of my biggest influences that drives me to become a more knowledgeable and successful coach.

If I can have ATN and the TCR™ system have that kind of an impact on just few guys (coaches and throwers alike) the way he has on me, that will be a pretty great honor.

Always Work With The Beginners Mind!

Here are some words of wisdom from Coach Tony Ciarelli:

New Tips coming tomorrow,

– Coach “Always Learning” Johnson


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