Rotational Shot Put Drills Done Right!

By Coach Erik Johnson

When it comes to understanding how to throw the shot,

the list of technical details in each position seem to be endless.

  • How to hold the shot,
  • Your elbow position
  • How to start the throw
  • How to end the throw
  • Do you jump at the end?… the answer to that one is no 😉

The TCR® system was designed to not only provide the ultimate structure, but also to

streamline the processes,

organize the steps on how to learn HOW to throw,

how to coach the throws,

and make it possible to achieve progress faster than guessing,

or worst…trying out every throws video you find on the internet!

…. that last one usually ends up crushing an athlete’s progress;

it’s just too many cooks in the kitchen, or in this case, too many coaches in the ring!

When you understand the root of most technical problems, choosing the correct path for training using drills and making the necessary adjustments becomes effortless.

Understanding angles and positions is really the key to throwing far!

Below I have a GREAT video to share with you that clearly explains how to identify technical errors and how to CORRECTLY do your throwing drills to fix them.

That’s right, doing your throwing drills incorrectly just ruins your ability to throw farther.

Check it out below and

Train better.

– Coach Johnson