Rhythm is critical to throwing.

In the 6 pillars of the TCR™ SYSTEM, we not only work the right positions, but the positions are optimal with the correct rhythm.

Therefore, I don’t personally do a lot of static start drills or throws as a coach.

They have a place, but you don’t work the right rhythm of the throw, and if you do too many, I think the thrower leaves a lot of results on the table.

I’ve talked about rhythm before. However, as the season starts, it’s critical to success and often a big piece of what’s missing.

I will be doing recorded training next week and it will be added to TCR™ online members area.

So, enjoy this quick video…

… and don’t forget to work your rhythm: every session, every drill, for every pillar, pillar connection, and full throw.

Rhythm is a dancer… you can feel it! (obscure 80’s song reference, lol!) but it’s true.

Go with the flow of the throw,

– Coach Johnson