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Today I had a collegiate thrower send me a video of his shot put technique, and here was his opening line: “Today I threw shot and the distance fell off a ton.”

Now, the day before, he had sent some shot video and his throws were going far. I could clearly see that his technique was better… in fact, it was the best technical throws he’d ever had. I told him, “Great work. It’s starting to click!”

The next day he started practice and was ready to repeat his big throws. However, his training environment changed slightly, and he lost about a meter in distance and was much slower…

he had a 3 1/2 foot drop in 24 hours; that’s a lot in such a short time!

He said he felt off, and as I looked at the video, I saw that his technique looked like what he had been doing prior to the breakthrough that just happened yesterday.

So… what happened?

Well, to find out, I took the first video and the second video and compared them side-by-side.

…. the differences in Pillar 1 & 2 were glaringly obvious.

In fact, everything came down to simple changes in his Pillar 1 & Pillar 2 positions.

These technical issues are what he’s been dealing with for awhile and the video comparison clearly pointed out the problems, making it much easier to communicate because you can literally SEE what I am coaching.

… as an athlete, analyzing video and seeing yourself in the 3rd person perspective is a valuable tool because you can see each pillar of your throw like a coach….

and as a coach, video of your athlete is CRITICAL to properly see and identify the precise moment where a thrower’s technique falls off.

Now, want to take your throws coaching to the ARETE LEVEL?

I suggest doing side-by-side video comparisons during training…..

…. this is so you can put the good pattern back in place quickly and keep the momentum and mental confidence moving forward.


If you are reading this and you DON’T have a smartphone or a newer iPad…. well, that needs to become a priority.

The video capability on your cell phone/iPad (tablet) is such an amazing tool and to not use it just makes things harder for you.

To do right, I suggest using apps so you can put the videos side-by-side…

I use the Coaches Eye app and Hudl app on my iphone.

Listen I grew up in the 80s, a time when people didn’t have cell phones. (Ok, maybe early 90’s too…) I know throwing without this awesome technical advantage!!!

Man, I would have killed for an iPhone in 1988—lol!


The reason I suggest this simple tip is because too often throwers and coaches overanalyze and focus on things that are the results of a technical breakdown in the throw.

They see the byproducts of bad positions instead of the cause of the bad position.

This is why comparing the videos first is so critical!

By having a video of my athlete’s best throws, it’s easier to replicate and establish a pattern. When that pattern becomes the norm, it then becomes easier to build on and improve.

Simplify the complexity…

… that’s the key to the TCR™ System

Keep Learning, Keep It Simple, and Throw Far,

– Coach Johnson