72 hours to show time!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m in charge of the 27th Annual Tony Ciarelli Olympian Throws Clinic. It’s a great day of learning from great coaches and throwers.

It’s a different type of clinic/camp than the TCR™ system camps, but it’s still very good; more about learning from other coaches about their approach to training.

It’s a great day and thankfully we have a 15,000 square foot gym to use if the weather forecast holds with rain. We’ll be dry and ready to roll, no matter what!

Just wanted to keep it short today:

I want to give you a glimpse of a comparison of one athlete to the himself (I mentioned this in yesterday’s email). I think this is a critical coaching tool that I have used for a long time with much success.

I used to do this type of throws analysis on myself when I was throwing (back when video was on VHS tapes — whoa!!)…

… and I usually did this when I was in a rut.

Now, I continue this smart coaching technique with all my ATN throwers when they are in a rut.

Learning how to use video is something we spend a full 90 minutes on inside the TCR™ throws coaches course.

If by some reason you do not use video to analize throws, you are seriously not in 2017… lol 😉

If you are, the question is: are you using it enough?

I shoot video of throwers every day!

Check it out; below is a clip of the throws technique analysis of one of my throwers. If you are a member, log in to the membership dashboard and get the ENTIRE video in the TECH LAB.

… I’ll have some new tips for you tomorrow!

– Coach Johnson


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P.P.S. Tony Ciarelli Olympian Throws Clinic This Saturday RAIN OR SHINE. Click here for registration details

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